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Hope ...

Once again we find ourselves in difficult to navigate times and you may feel like hope has slipped out the back door and not knowing when it will return.

So how do we look after ourselves and keep ourselves ok when we are navigating in not only challenging but terrifying times?

Part of my daily routine which is essential to me as brushing my teeth is meditating and connecting to the spirit world. It is my time to just recharge and to understand exactly what is going on for me. Sometimes there is advice or a deeper understanding of current matters, sometimes just a sense of calm and peace, but each time I connect I always get what I need to help me make sense of whatever is uppermost in my mind.

When I connected in a couple of days ago the spirit world spoke to me about the power of Hope, my guide told me that we all need hope and that it is so important right now that and I must write about it in this blog ( so here I am), he explained that when we lose hope, when it creeps out the back door, then pessimism creeps in and can feel all consuming. He told me we must fight against this as this makes our light inside feel small.

He gave me the following ..

H- hope

O - optimism

P- power

E- eternal

SO in a nutshell hope and looking forward is our power, when we remember we are eternal and that everything moves in time this can help us to remember in the end we will all be ok - why because there is no end an no death! Simply life after life! Everything is but a moment in time this will all pass, it will come and it will go and we will move forward into such welcomed brighter times.

So my message to you all today is that no matter how we feel right now, hope is our right to hang onto. Every storm will pass and this one is no different. although we feel hope has crept out the backdoor it hasn't left, it just may not feel visible to us right now, but we are as always surrounded by the love and power of the spirit realm, who walk with us in good times and difficult, come rain or shine they are as always present and our rainbow of hope is connecting us all together.

So as we all walk forward together hanging tightly onto our hope and power of a brighter future, we may not all be able to physically be together right now but we can create an army of love and strength to help one another through, we can do this and we are stronger together.

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