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A Land Far Far Away ...

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Well here I am writing you all again ... it often comes in the spur of the moment, when spirit come in to inspire me or give me a little prod to get on with a little writing ...

How often we think of the spirit world as a land far far away, how often we look up the sky and the clouds and wonder where did our loved ones go?

If the Spirit World is real where is it?

How can we know where they are?

I have been asked these questions many many times...

The truth is that land that we think is far far away really is not! In fact you could not be closer, by sending out our thoughts our loved ones will naturally draw close to us.

Let me be clear there is NO death, our physical body may perish and die but our spirit and our soul lives on. We are eternal and how robust that makes us all!

What a celebration that is itself! There is no death and we do not lose anyone.

So in which case where do we go? They go to the Spirit World of course, which is our home. It is full of joy and peace and happiness, our animals are free and safe and our children play happily. Spirit explained it to me once like the sea and sand, the tide goes out but it never leaves that is the eternal connection between our world and the spirit world, it is and always has been interconnected.

Sometimes we may not see, feel or hear our loved ones but that does not mean they are not with us. My work as a medium has demonstrated to me many times our loved ones do not leave us and know exactly what is going on in our lives, but whilst still having meaning to their own continuous progression.

As a young man once said to me

"we don't just sit up here on a cloud you know, we all get a job"

and I loved that because life is eternal and we are able to keep learning and growing and progressing forward whether we are in this physical world or in the spirit world.

So please know despite what we may at times wonder and think, that land that may seem so faraway could not be any closer to you, it is simply a thought away,

we are so close and the bond of love just like life cannot die.


Debra x

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1 Comment

Jen Koch
Jen Koch
Jul 06, 2023

Beautiful words Debra💞💞💞


Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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