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Christmas Contemplation

So here we are as we approach the end of 2021 and move towards Christmas time. The time of year that is said to be the most magical of all, the time of year that society and every Christmas film tells us is about being together and about everything being perfect.

Christmas is a time of reflection for sure, a time where we consider what is important to us and our minds go out to those that we love with all our hearts. It is because of this that this time can be really difficult and can feel so very empty for so many when those that we wish to be sat around our table for whatever reason are not.

If there is one thing 2021 has reminded us all of it is the importance of looking after ourselves and the importance of self-care - a reminder that it's okay to be different and that we don't all have to do what was right for everyone else after all one size simply doesn't fit all … So over the holidays take some time to do you and do what you need to do for your own soul.

But I do have a lovely Christmas story to share with you from a beautiful young man in the spirit world ...

A couple of weeks ago now I was very upset and very moved by a particularly harrowing reporting that had hit the headlines on the news. It left me reeling, as it would have anyone. It left me in a state of sad contemplation as I wondered as we often do why there is so much cruelty in this world. Why is it that people can seem to have zero emotional intelligence and can't seem to care and be considerate of others?

As I was contemplating and feeling so sad I felt the presence of a beautiful young *man from the spirit world. I have worked before with him in communication with his Mother, so I feel I know him although I didn't meet him in his physical life. He was a little early for his appointment with his Mother and he had come to share just a few words of wisdom with me.

He said 'Don’t cry Debra. Remember what you know and tell everyone that in the spirit world we are all happy, safe and well. We all continue to grow and learn and we are all happy here.'

Of course I know he was right and I said to him I knew, but said I was just a little sad about the state of our world here and he said to me 'Let's talk about Christmas and what it's like in spirit.'

He reminded me in the spirit world that everybody comes together, our two worlds blending as one and that they are not separate from us, like walking through a doorway from one realm to another. They are around our table and with us at this time of year as they are with us every day, whether that is when we are laughing, sad, smiling or crying or all of those things they don’t leave us … after all if it was the other way round we wouldn’t leave them would we? He reminded us that they are as always part of whatever is going on here because we are joined by the power of love that cannot be broken. In the spirit world the celebrations are well under way with so much love, joy, peace and happiness being spread like magic dust, with everyone reuniting whether they knew one another in life or not. There is no segregation he said, only love. I particularly smiled when he told me the children will often perform for the others and that they can all enjoy this. There is no separation or pain, only light, joy and love.

I realised in that moment that that's what we are all searching for. We are searching for that feeling of peace, contentment and for our hearts to be filled with love and that when the people aren't physically around our table we feel like we've lost them. But that young man reminded me and was insistent that this story be shared with him in it! Of course I then gave the message to his beautiful mum as I do each time we work together that there is never a separation - that the two realms are interconnected. But importantly just as our loved ones are with us here they are still finding love, peace, growth and joy in their own soul as life is eternal for us all whether we are here or in spirit. There is no separation.

We're just past the winter solstice now so we've seen the darkest day and gradually, slowly but surely, we will get a little lighter every day and 2022 is just around the corner. There is perhaps a little glimmer of a new chapter for us.

Whatever you do over the festive holidays please do remember to take some time to look after yourself. Remember that none of us are alone, not today, not tomorrow, not ever, whether we are celebrating or reflecting quietly or perhaps both. Let us all remember those we love with all our hearts who will always remain precious and close by - because the real magic of this story is that life and love have always been and will always be eternal.

Sending you so much love and peace from my heart to yours and wishing you peace at Christmas.

With Love

Debra x

*Permission to share the story from his Mum

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