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Happy Valentine's Day

Today we know to be the day of love … some may see this day as a day to celebrate and bask in love and show those you love you care, whilst others may see it as a commercially driven day, as we see the prices of roses shoot through the roof and restaurants fully booked on a Monday evening.

I remember as a young girl being so excited by Valentine's Day, every year hoping that I would get a mysterious card from a secret admirer, of course I rarely did and what was really annoying about that was that my little brother used to get lots of mysterious cards, and I wouldn't even get one. Which although that makes me smile now was so very disappointing to my young teenage self.

One of the greatest loves of all in my opinion is loving ourselves. It may sound like a cliche but never a truer word has been spoken. When we can have love for our self we suddenly become enough and manage to find that inner peace we are looking for. Had I found self-love as a young girl I wouldn’t have minded so much about the absence of a card, of course at that age I still needed my worth to be validated and I see now for us all this is perhaps part of our journey along the road of life.

Remember that no matter where you are in the world and no matter who you are going through life with, please know that the power of love is an invisible force that surrounds us all. We don’t always tell those we love the most how much we appreciate and love them; we can become preoccupied by other matters. How often do we look back on precious memories of yesteryear that seemed so trivial and wished we could be back there right now, enjoying a cup of tea or a conversation with someone we love so much? It is so important that we let those around us know how much we love them, that is in the end all that really matters.

You matter also! When we can start to move inwards and look after ourselves the way we look after those that are so precious to us, then we start to grow the seeds of self-love. This can be the most difficult thing to do, as we may have spent a lifetime being our own enemy and we may have spent a lifetime not being comfortable with ourselves, not even liking ourselves never mind loving ourselves! But we deserve to have that inner love and that inner light just the way we give it to others and when we can find that not only can we make peace with ourselves but allow those seeds of love to grow and that is when the real power and peace can happen … so maybe we need to be our own Valentine!

I feel it is also important to say that we have an eternal bond of love with our loved ones in the spirit world and because of this they will never leave us, just because our physical bodies have perished doesn’t mean their soul has, on the contrary they are alive and safe and well and love you still!

So, whatever you are doing today Happy Valentine's Day and I am sending you love and peace from my heart to yours. Please remember to be kind to you and remember you really are loved so very very much.

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Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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