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Hello From The Other Side...

Is there an afterlife?

What happens after we die?

Is there more to this life than what we see?

These are age old questions that have been contemplated by probably everybody on this planet at some time or other and of course we all have different opinions on this. We all have different experiences and I want to share mine with you.

There is a spirit world that is so present that I know it is more real than the here and now, but why then do we not all know this?

How often are we so busy getting on with our lives that we miss the little things around us? So many times I have been walking along so absorbed in my own mind that I have missed the beautiful nature surrounding me. Do we miss the spirit world because we are too busy and preoccupied in what we are doing?

I believe so! I know from the depths of my heart that the spirit world have always been present and will always be present - and it is my opinion that that is where we’ve come from and that’s where we go back to. The unseen world is our constant companion - of that I am convinced.

However there are times when it is natural and normal to doubt that we are seeing the world through the right lens in a sense. Last year after I caught Covid it had a significant impact upon me, deep within myself. Physically I had recovered and was feeling well again but inside I had a lot of doubt about a lot of things in my life and I didn’t know where I wanted to be or what I wanted to do. It was a very uncomfortable time for me, a time when I doubted everything. However what I noticed then was that it was precisely when I doubted most that my deepest learning came. It is true that it is in our moments of darkness that we find the strongest light! The spirit world came so close that I was once again reminded so strongly of the fact I've always known. We are never alone despite out worries and furthermore we are not meant to be alone.

I remember as a little girl I had such a great imagination and I was happy to play by myself for hours, happy in my own space, making up dance routines or searching for fairies - almost looking for that magical faraway land that I was convicted existed. I also know looking back that the spirit world were always present and that they never left me despite me feeling over the years I was so alone.

I believe we are living in times now where we can feel so alone, where we doubt so much and sometimes are unsure of where we're going. My message to you all today is to know there is so much more to this world than what we see. We are lovingly wrapped in the arms of the unseen world and often we will miss the simple signs, just as we can walk out in nature and miss seeing what is in front of us. None of us are alone - not now, not ever... we are not meant to be. We are wrapped up and surrounded in love. Send out a thought to spirit and ask for a sign. You will be surprised what comes back to you ....

Much Love as always


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