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Let Us Celebrate Love!

Happy Valentine to you all...

Today let us celebrate love!

When we have love in our hearts we have everything we need and more ... we are rich!

Without love nothing seems to have meaning, the world can move from colour into black and white and when we lose a loved one and they go the spirit world we can feel like

'How can we move forward and find joy again'?

Love cannot be broken and it certainly cannot die! Our physical body may perish but our soul is eternal. When we pass then we shrug off our body like an old overcoat, but we are fine and well and very much alive! We return to home to the spirit world, the place where we all will reconnect one day and we will all know this message to be true for ourselves!

In the meanwhile while we are here and our loved ones are in the spirit world they connect to us here, we are never left or forgotten, after all why would they leave us when it’s possible to come around us! They live on and want us while we are here to live and be happy!

Our two worlds are entwined and interconnected together, love knows no boundaries and it is the glue that holds us all together.. love can move mountains and create miracles.

So remember you are loved beyond measure - you always were and you always will be. Not only to those that are still here with us but also our precious loved ones in the spirit world .

Keep this message in your heart today and let us celebrate love!!!

Tell the people here you love them, tell your people in spirit you love them! They can hear you, if you send that message out via your voice or your thought!

Have a wonderful day and I’m sending all of my love to each and everyone of you

Debra ❤️

If you would like to join me for Sunday meditation tonight we will be focusing upon love click here to join 👇🏻

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Lots of love to you Debra xx


Thank you, Debra. I had a bit of teary day yesterday but feel better for Reading thing


Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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