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Little Acts of Kindness …

Never underestimate the importance of kindness, what can seem like a tiny thing to you can mean the world to someone else. Kindness is the oxygen of the soul, along with love it keeps us thriving and growing.


There is an old hymn that comes to my mind that takes me back to my first Spiritualist Church in the early 1990s, it is still sung today, and I love it when I come across it...

Little acts of kindness nothing do they cost ....

How true It is! Being kind is the most generous thing we can do, it is a decision we make to give to others, to help and support. From this we get a fuzzy warmth and a love inside, that if we could bottle and give out across the world, would take the fire out of any negative charge.

 Kindness will never become old fashioned or out of date, it doesn’t get old for, it is part of the universal law of love that applies to each of us and each generation.

When I think of some of the people who have inspired me of course there have been many, as there has for us all.  Family members, friends, teachers, work colleagues, peers, and pioneers who walked this spiritual pathway before me. People who have helped to guide and steer me. Each have given me different pearl of wisdom along the way. Some I will hold forever in my heart and some providing insight and inspiration on how not to be. Each life experience provides us with wisdom, which in turn inspires us how to live our best life and how to use our insight and generosity to touch others in turn.


My Great Grandmother who I called ‘Nan’ was the kindest woman I knew; a true unsung hero and I watched her work her magic from a young age. Helping support and caring for anyone who needed her, never looking for anything in return. Equally she had been inspired by her biological aunt who brought her up, she called her Mother, after she was orphaned before the age of two. She aways referred to her as an angel and Nan was certainly ours. I am proud she shaped my young years, I learnt through her the true value of kindness and the joy in kindness. When we experience this for ourselves, it is wonderful if we can then pay it forward.


Of course, as we move through life we get hurt, burnt, and upset by other people’s ways, unkind words, selfish acts and harshness, of course we have all experienced this tenfold. Perhaps we are meant to experience that to help us to grow, to allow our wisdom and resilience to rise up. But please don’t let that harden our hearts, let a power rise from this and let this shape us in how we will do better. If we look again, we can see goodness and a wholesome pureness and if we cannot, then let us create it!

Helping one another to move along.

We can celebrate our differences and learn from each other.

There is inspiration to be found in everything.

In today’s world I hear people often say that the young today are out for themselves, and that the world isn’t the same. It is important to remember every generation has its difference and challenges, but I have seen such kindness in young people just as I have in older people. People are people and in every generation we can find kindness or spite depending on where we look.

All those that I have admired have all had a generous of spirit, never be afraid to reach out to someone in need. We will never truly know the impact that can have or what another person is going through. We all need to hear we are loved and matter and count.

 It is time we look for, highlight and be the positive change, that is what can move our soul and spirit forward AND make a difference.

Don't wait for the change BE the change!


So today be kind, and remember the power of your words, it is easy to criticise, that leaves an imprint we will never know. Words can be so powerful and once spoken cannot be taken back. Kindness and love expressed can move mountains and people, when we are speaking words of kindness they are carried in our heart forever.


I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel
Maya Angelou

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