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Stay In Your Own Lane!

Someone said to me the other day how do you not get pulled down by other people when not everyone can stay positive and I thought it was a good and valid point. Essentially like most things its a fine balancing act, but what I have realised over the last 18 months and what I am reminded of everyday of the importance of minding my own business and staying in my own lane! I have to do me! After all if I don't - who will?

The last 18months have been challenging for everyone, I don't think there is a person on the planet that would disagree with that and yet we have all within that overarching umbrella faced our own difficulties aside from but also created by the global pandemic.

I of course am not different from that.

The more that times go on and the more that I just be, I can recognise that it is important for us all to disconnect from what doesn't matter for a while and reconnect to nature and to ourselves, this is vital for recharge and regrowth and for us to ascertain what DOES matter.

For me I find staying in my own lane, keeping focused on where I am going whilst focusing inwards is my way to not only survive but to thrive. I cannot change anyone's mind, I cannot make people like or respect me who don't and I cannot or should not try. That just means they aren't my people. The age old what other people think of us is none of our business has never been truer. Indeed why should we even worry about it? Of course naturally we do BUT it steals our peace and I am not prepared to go there anymore so consequently I have to be me in my own lane - and it is magnificent! liberating! and exciting! I ask myself why wasn't I always in my own lane ....

Once I became to practice this, as of course I have known this for a very long time but practicing is consistently a different matter, I began to realise I could fine my inner peace and my own wisdom, I am the only one on my journey and I like who I am, I am good person ( not a saint of course I have my moments ) but I am kind and work with good intentions, I like me and that may have took me a long time to get here but nonetheless I am here.

So how can we do this?

  • Take some time to disconnect from social media - log out or delete your apps so you can't check every 5 minutes, these things are addictive and are not good for our well being.

  • Unfollow negative people do you really need that negative energy constantly in your space.

  • Go for a walk or go outside and connect with nature (leave your phone indoors)

  • Find some time to work out what YOU want ... it can't always be about everyone else

  • For yourself write 5-10 interesting facts about who you are, it will help you to reconnect with what you love

  • Reconnect with the things you used to love from when your were younger ... I bet you still love them

  • Practice meditation it is the doorway to your inner peace

  • Keep a journal on how you are feeling (I keep a monthly one and review how I have been and what I have learnt about myself the month before)

  • Accept and listen to your gut instinct about people - energy doesn't lie if something feels wrong it most probably is!

  • Quit the battle with the yourself you are as good as the next person, its time to start becoming our own best friend - no one know you like you do!

  • Enjoy the little things, tomorrow you will look back and wished you had made more time for them

So my advice to you all - find your own lane and once you get it stay in it! People will try to knock you out of it - don't mind those that are negative or worse vindictive, they are on their own journey and that's their story, keep travelling where you are going and stay in that bubble and in that lane - make your journey beautiful where it can be and safe when its stormy and remember youre loved! we all are!!!

Sending you hugs


Debra x

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4 Kommentare

You know I’m going to get a notebook today and start writing in it x I’ve already started some of what you advise I’m no longer accepting peoples negativity and have made steps on this already I just need to start believing I’m a good person now. Onward and upwards x I need to start my meditation again x thank you x

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Hi Debra, thank you for sharing how you help yourself stay well. I will try too to stay in my own lane ❤

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paula h
paula h
25. Aug. 2021

Couldn't agree more ... ive dealt with people who didn't like the positive changes in me and preferred me in my darker place just existing... I now refuse to stay still !! my path my experiences my learning my passion for life.. I walk my path at my pace the slower the pace the more I see ... I need to live to be 200 years old at least 😂

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25. Aug. 2021
Antwort an

Love it 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 xxxx

Gefällt mir

Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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