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The Christmas Angel

So finally on Saturday we put the Christmas decorations up, they have been delayed because we have been in the middle of a bathroom refurbishment but on Saturday despite it all not been completely finished I couldn’t wait any longer.

As I was decorating the sitting room I was putting my tree up and the Garland on the fireplace. I had a little visitor with me a beautiful little girl from the spirit world my little friend who often comes to talk to me and she was helping me put everything together, she saw the lovely little Christmas angel in her red box and she loved her, she wanted her to go on the mantelpiece.

The Christmas angel doesn’t usually go there, in fact she doesn’t usually come out of the box but when I put it on the mantelpiece where she said she looked absolutely beautiful and I was thrilled with her as was my little friend.

Last night I came downstairs and went to switch on the Christmas lights and the whole Garland came off the mantelpiece and the beautiful Christmas angel smashed into three pieces. I was so upset I couldn’t remember where I got it from and actually I didn’t want another one I wanted her, as she had looked so perfect and more so because my little friend had suggested her.

I asked my husband if we could glue her and fix her and he looked at it and said he wasn’t sure because she was badly broken in a couple of places, but I insistently said we must try.

With some time love and patience we managed to put it back together and now she looks good as new I was so happy when she dried and I went to put her back pride of place on the mantelpiece, I felt the spirit world with me and they said there was too strong messages to be taken from the Christmas angel. Firstly that all things can look broken beyond repair but with love and patience and a little magic things can be put back together again the final message nothing really is as it seems.

So here she is again pride of place on the mantelpiece I’m so happy as is my little friend Jess in the spirit world.

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