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The Comforting World of Spirit

The spirit world maybe unseen, but for me they are a constant in not only my life but everyone's life. You may not believe in it and if you don't that's okay, it doesn't mean they stop coming around to help, they are consistently there, like the sea and the sand the two worlds cannot and will never be separated. Why? Because it is a bond of love that keeps us firmly glued together and the two worlds like the sea and the sand are interwoven and not entirely separate places. None of us walk this pathway alone, we are all loved and guided by our friends and family in the spirit world.

So many times people ask me why can't everyone connect to the spirit world, why is it only certain people, of course this can at times create so much doubt into people's minds, is it really real? or are people just being deluded? Well first of all we are all on a journey of discovery, of course it is never my job to convert or convince people of the spirit world, after all one day we will all know it for ourselves, but simply to be here to help and to guide you all in whatever format that takes. For once we have taken a peek at spirit and go in search of our answers, at some point we will get our clarity.

The spirit world can be open to everyone in whatever way or form is right for the individual, the more we open our mind the more we begin to see that was always there but we perhaps overlooked it. You don't have to be a medium to feel the spirit world, to some degree we all have an ability if we can be open to the concept, as I said before the spirit world once told me, we all have come from the spirit world and that's where we will go back to, so therefore we all have a spark of that energy in us and it is just a case of igniting it. There are times the spirit world have shown me where their loved ones here have sensed them around them, or felt that cold breeze, perhaps caught something out the corner of their eye or felt them in a dream. This can be by some accepted and by others dismissed but nonetheless this often comes as confirmation to say I am here, it is real, I am with you, I love you.

Connecting to the spirit world alway reminds me a little of that old song by Jim Reeves 🎵Welcome to my world won't you come on in🎵

The more we open up our minds (we don't have to believe everything just simply have an open mind) the more you will become aware of what was always there but what you weren't at the time aware it or you were aware at some point in your life but forgotten all about it.. the doorway to spirit is open to us all, it is never locked.

So my message to you all is the spirit world is not an exclusive club only available to some of us, it is something we can all reach out to if we so wish or want to and I know that for sure because I know not one single one of us has been forgotten or overlooked. We are all loved, supported and nothing will change that.

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Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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