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The Whispers of the Spirit World

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

The spirit world isn’t so far away, there are times when we cannot or struggle to believe this concept. Afterall it is not something we can physically touch or a place we can physically visit and as we live in a material world that is often how we measure things to be real. But we cannot see love, but we don’t doubt it existence. Some things are a matter of the heart!

The spirit world wraps around our world it is like the sea and the sand the two cannot be separated or divided one doesn’t move so far from the other.

Our loved ones don’t leave us … your loved ones don’t leave you! Or forget about you or move away - why would they? Bonds of love cannot be broken that is eternal.

I have been a medium for many years now and have done so many sittings over time and messages although are individual always have a theme, I’m with you `I love, and I am okay … the reason for that is those points are incredibly important and they are the fundamental facts we all need to be reminded of and to know.

As we move back to some sort of normality, recently I travelled to my first away demonstration which was a couple of hours away from home so certainly the first in a while like that!

As I was setting up and getting ready to feel I could feel the sheer excitement and joy of the spirit world as they were getting ready to come forward and join with their loved ones here … of course everyone that I felt couldn’t step forward due to time but we were all surrounded by spirit and it was a beautiful feeling and as I got ready and moved my awareness to the spirit world I could see the room was full with lots of people surrounding people here, the energy was electric I wished I could have bottled it and given a little out to each person there - what a lovely thought. As we got started the spirit world came, they brought with them their tales and their messages of love and joy.

My message to you all is to let you know and remind you those we love and who love us in spirit stay close to us and whilst they are well and living their life as we all must, they are helping and supporting us here.

One lady in spirit told me lately there’s no sadness over here it full of love and peace. as the spirit world pull around us, I know they want to share that peace with us.

The more we open our heart and minds to the possibility the more we shall see, we have all come from the spirit world and that is where we shall return to, ultimately there is no death just a shedding of the physical overcoat. Life and love are eternal.

All my love

Debra x

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Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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