Debra is delighted to be offering a spiritual tuition package on a one on one basis where she will be offering a bespoke package to meet your spiritual need ... each individual will be offered a different package depending on their needs and requirements are. 


This will take place via zoom video call and will include 8 one hour sessions.


This will include:


  • Communicating and Connecting to the Spirit World
  • Finding and Enhancing your Power
  • Strengthening Confidence
  • Techniques to overcome difficulties that can hinder your progress 
  • Helping you to strengthen your connection with your guides
  • Helping you to find your direction forward 


This programme due to its bespoke nature  is ideal for everyone right from beginners right through to professionals who need extra support are you ready ?

Please feel to email a queries via to purchasing via the contact CONTACT box

1:1 Spiritual Tuition Package


    Debra Chalmers

    Spiritual Medium