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2021 Services


Spiritualist Churches are the lifeblood of my religion and have been transformative for me on my own spiritual journey. 

This was where I first realised I was a medium - when I first began to attend when I was 16 years old with my Mother back in 1991 and was to prove life changing for me.  I have loved them ever since.  

This page will show my upcoming services for 2021.


I am proud to be a certificate holder of the Spiritualist National Union in Speaking, Demonstrating and Teaching. 

Wednesday 17th March 7pm - Ashington SNU Church

Sunday 21st March 6.30 pm - Norton Christian Spiritualist Church

Tuesday 30th March 7pm - Seaham SNU Church

Wednesday 7th April 7pm - Sunderland SNU Church

Sunday 18th April 6pm - Spiritualist Friendship Centre, Horden

Sunday 16th May 6.30pm - Sunderland SNU Church 

Wednesday 26th May 7pm - Horden Friendship Centre 

Wednesday 23rd June - Ashington SNU Church

Sunday 4th July 6pm - Blackhill, Consett SNU

Sunday 15th August 6.30pm - Norton Christian Spiritualist Church

Wednesday 15th September 7pm - Sunderland SNU Church

Sunday 17th October 6pm - Ashington SNU Church

Sunday 14th November 6pm - Seaham SNU Church

Tuesday 16th November 7pm - Willington Spiritualist Church

Sunday 12th December 6pm - Craghead SNU Church


Debra Chalmers

Spiritual Medium