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2021 The Year of Promise

We made it!! and here we are we have jumped through into 2021...

Each year for so many people January is a month of darkness and drudgery, but I disagree, I love January!


Because it is time for a new chapter, a time when we can revaluate how things are for us. So many people can be downhearted about January (which I get - I also have been in the past) but let us not put that negativity into this brand new chapter, let us be able to look forward past the darkness to where the light is and keep hope in our hearts!

Last night as I was raising a glass to see in the New Year I was reflecting back like so many others and I heard the word in my head from the spirit world - 2021 The Year of Promise! I loved it , it made me feel so excited. We are taking so much wisdom forward from all our other years and I personally am so grateful I have the opportunity to be here to experience this year with people I love.

Both yesterday and today I connected with the spirit world in my meditation. They told me during 2020 we all got so lost in the darkness and that it has been very difficult for us to feel like we can navigate forward, but moving forward we are anyway. In today's meditation the door I was seeing yesterday was open and we were all in it. I could see the words 'Divine', 'Enlightenment' and 'Power' written into the energy of the new year. I felt the more we can express ourselves the more power we will find and enlightenment will always come when we will upwards and not down. I was reminded that no matter how lost or dark it feels for us here on earth the spirit world guide us and help us that is consistent as night follows day.

So my message to you all as we navigate through this year is take time for you, be kind with yourself and of course with others and remember we are all on our own pathways. No one else can do it for us, just as we cannot do it for others - but we can get through whatever comes our way. We are resilient and strong and supported by the spirit world always.

For me personally what I am taking forward into 2021 is balance. Looking after myself emotionally and physically is vital, a reminder that balance is a requirement to keep me happy and thriving.

This year let us look after ourselves well and keep that light and sparkle inside our hearts. We all need this so very much.

So 2021 our year of promise you are so very much welcomed by us all.

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1 Comment

Natasha Azadi
Natasha Azadi
Jan 01, 2021

Love it!! Xx


Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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