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Gifts in Odd Shaped Boxes

Its been a little while since I've written to you all, but I always know when its time to express again, as I get a little nudge to do so...

Life is full of gifts in odd shaped boxes, things that don't feel like a gift, things that are to say the least difficult to deal with or feel like a rejection and a blow to us. BUT out of that hardship comes something quite beautiful, whether that be resilience and strength. Perhaps it is a deep compassion and understanding, through our own pain we often find a new depth of kindness and insight towards others. Or whether that be moving you into a new direction you did not feel possible. As someone said to me recently that often 'rejection is protection' and I liked that.

How often is it when we reflect back that when things did not work out for us and we had such bitter disappintment about it at the time, that perhaps later when something else came along you then understand it and think ah yes that makes sense now. I can see clearly in my own life if certain job opportunities had worked differently I may not be here writing to you in this capacity and so despite the frustration of my younger self, I am so grateful those doors of opportunities seemed to sit firmly shut at the time.

Often when we go through such hardship we cannot see the positive or feel the light or the sunshine and you maybe reading this and feel lost, but those hard times provide you with such wisdom, compassion and understanding for others and such a resilience and strength and sometimes depending on the situation, even a freedom later. Although I appreciate you might not resonate with those words now or they may even irritate you. What I do know is whatever is going on we are not alone we are guided and supported, despite sometimes you might think not, that is when spirit draw even closer. Of course they cannot live our lives for us, we have to make our decisions and live our own life, but I do not believe for one minute we are ever forgotton or overlooked, but sometimes when the days are darks and we feel lost we cannot feel the warmth and the sunshine of spirit but it does not mean spirit are not there, for they most certainly are.

When I reflect back on my pathway and consider things, I have learnt from the good, the bad and the indifferent. I can recognise now that all the negative stuff that happened brought something to me , the stuff that I soul searched on and wondered why it was happening and why was I being punished or not helped and why couldn't spirit just fix it for me. Whilst feeling helpless and insignificant later it brought something to me a gift in an odd shaped box. Things such as compassion, insight wisdom, strength, a desire to help others, to name a few. It shaped me to be who I am today and for that I am grateful.

Sometimes bad things inspire us on how not to be and how not to treat others and help us to recognise we won't allow that to happen again and makes us stand up for ourselves. This can also gift us with a deep soul calling to help/support others and create things that change the world for the better.

 Often in our darkest moments we might be touched by spirit and feel the beauty of another world, because the world of spirit is open to us all, not just what we might perceive to be the chosen few. My most beautiful moments with spirit didnt come in my finest hours they came in the lowest of times when I had given up on myself or lost hope.

So in a ways there is always something positive if we chose to look for it and look above the darkness and fog that can be low-lying and at times all consuming.

So what is your gift in the odd shaped box, the thing that came out of a sitation that you did not in anyway shape or form feel positive about (and still may not), on the contrary it was pure hardship but did something come out of it? Be it strength, clarity on what you want in life, or a depth in your soul and a need to be kind and help others .

Ultimately we are here in life to learn, and we learn in ways not always that we would have chosen but non the less growth comes out of them. Life is compost for the soul and no matter what we grow, we learn as we live another day. Recognising your own strength and you own wisdom is your super power.

All my love

Debra x

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