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Just Be You !

Good Morning Everyone,

 I thought I would share these words my daughter Kate and I have just been inspired to write together!

For a long time I shied away from my own light and have disempowered myself a thousand times, as perhaps you can relate to yourself,b ut as a result I've tried always to empower my two girls to be proud, confident and strong.

My most important job will always be as their Mother.

Sometimes we have to Mother and love ourselves too.

Always JUST BE YOU and know you are always enough and loved from above ...

Just Be YOU!


Just be you!

Who else can you be?

Just be you

Your light is for others to see


Just be you and let your power rise

Be the you that you can be before the time flies


There were times I’m sure you were disillusioned, frightened and unseen

Take back your power! Let your spirit intervene!

Together we can build an army of love

With your shine and your light and some help from above


So, let your glow and power flow

 Let it shape and grow and change

Let the waves of love be strong and tough

 Let it storm, be wild and rage

You are you and we want you no other way

So, keep on keeping on, let us start today



Debra and Kate Chalmers

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