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The Brave You ...

This morning I was inspired to write again, I find the older I am become that more and more I am brought back to sharing thoughts in words, something that gave me a great sense of being as a child and teenager, everything always comes full circle in the end, don't you think.

This morning I saw a beautiful post about being vulnerable, the speaker touched my heart when she said there is a difference between being open and being vulnerable, in the sense vulnerability is about taking a risk and sharing from deep in the heart so here goes…


Often in life there are times when we can feel a little invisible or small.

For many years I would think to myself things such as..

Oh, they won’t know who I am”.

I’m not good enough”.

“They won’t want to be my friend or talk to me”.


 As I have had this deep talent for making myself feel unseen and small. Perhaps that may resonate for you as well, as I am sure we have all experienced this at one time or another, not quite feeling good enough, or feeling like we do not measure up, but often it is to our own unrealistic expectations of ourself we do not measure up to, we can be much more self-critical than we ever would be to another.


Why should that be so?

Each of us has something unique and special to offer the world. We were born to be different and that must be celebrated. Whilst it is important to recognise our own empowerment perhaps that comes after disempowerment from that comes such wisdom and inspiration. I often think it’s not in the sunshine we grow but through the dark days. So hang on in there if that is where you are right now! Our light, joy and wisdom are meant to be shared no matter how you feel, your light that to you may only be a pinprick, is enough to stream the darkness for another person. We must never underestimate how much good and comfort we can offer through a few kind words or a kind thought.


I decided a good while ago now that comfort zones must be on elastic, we can either stay there or push ourselves despite the discomfort and It never ceases to amaze me how brave and powerful we can be when we just go for it and worry about it later. We can of course all overthink, and I have found the older I have got the better at this talent I have become, but maybe acknowledging it and doing it anyway despite and because of the struggles bring a sense of inner joy and freedom to be just live in the beautiful moment of being here and alive.


Spirit told me at the end of last year this year for me shall be about freedom and liberation, I am still not quite sure what that means and perhaps will not understand stand that until December 31st 2024, but what I do know now is we are truly free and liberated when we are our won unique self.


This life experience as I see it right now is full of up’s and downs, highs, and lows and that is in a way right for our growth. Of course, sometimes life is hard, and we get hurt and have our struggles, but we grow despite the difficulties because of the difficulties. If I was to give my younger self one piece of advice, I would say focus on what you think yourself, not what others think of you. After all that is the only thing, I have control over anyway. When life gets a little rough or tough and we feel misunderstood as of course we will all experience, I remind myself this journey is between me and Spirit anyway only they understand the whole of my journey.


So, when life is tough, we have a choice to either dwell and sit in the negativity or turn it into our true power and use that power to help others. From being small all I ever wanted to do was help others a natural draw, but also now I am still growing and learning and working hard to be kind to me also. If we are to truly love life, then we have to love ourselves, there is enough war and hatred in the world without us raging an internal one as well. As that inner love and peace comes, we naturally give our love and light to the rest of the world and a ripple of hope happens.


So, what I do in the hope it may help someone …

💖 I each day focus on what I am grateful for, such as I am safe and loved and have a loving family.

💖I meditate and connect to my own soul; I might get frightened and overwhelmed but my soul has got this and has the answers I seek.

💖If I feel afraid, I try to do it anyway.


We never know how long we have in this life so living has to start today not tomorrow. Loving yourself and self-kindness has to start within it doesn’t come from another.

So, what are we waiting for?


Then give it to yourself, if we focus on experience rather than success or failure then we are winning anyway aren’t we?

Our voice is our power, and our experience is our strength what we do today is investing in our brighter stronger self of tomorrow.

Don’t look to be brave but know you already are ….

With Love

Debra x



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