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A Little Bit of Heaven....

What happens to us when we pass to the spirit world?

What do we do with our time? These are questions that come up so often. It is difficult for us when we are here in this life trying to get our head around this - where have our loved ones gone? and what are they doing?

It can feel like torture to us when we worry about our loved ones who could be lost or just hanging around with no further purpose, or even worse what if they are stuck!!??

None of these perceptions are true!!!

The one thing that seems to be the same in the many communications I have had from the spirit world is a feeling of love and happiness. A spirit person has never communicated to me that they are stuck or that they are unhappy ... Why? Because this is simply not true!

People have communicated to me so many times as they were coming towards the end of their time here that the light and power of spirit world could be felt (often family members present can also feel this too, as I have myself) along with a great sense of peace. This is often when family members in the spirit world come close to help and support. None of us pass alone, we are all helped and guided over to the spirit world and of course welcomed with so much love - there are scenes of reunions goings on as we speak!

How beautiful that one day we can all be together again, and those bonds of love are never broken. It is a wonderful blessed but realistic thought – this is the truth and I know this to be so as it has been communicated back to me and thousands of other mediums many, many times. There is no death! Only life after life!

Many times through communication people in the spirit world have told me that they are busy there, just as busy as they were in life and that everybody has a purpose. As one young spirit man said to me “We don’t just sit on a cloud over here you know, everybody gets a job.”

This made me laugh because perhaps that is how we can feel it to be in the spirit world. But he and many others have made it very clear that there is such a sense of purpose in spirit and that they are working to help others, whilst progressing themselves.

One of the things I’ve been saying recently in my sittings to spirit is 'Take me to where you feel comfortable'. It is almost like I’m saying 'Show me your corner of heaven'. They are showing me a little bit of their world, who they have met up with, what they are now doing in spirit and of course, as always, how they still connect to loved ones here.

In the spirit world we continue to grow and this includes learning new skills ...

Why not?

In life we are constantly learning. Why would that change just because we go to spirit? We continue to grow and progress and move forward as we do here - which is why they often don’t want us to feel guilty or stay stuck in the past. They want us to move forward just as they are doing so we can all move forward together. Whilst all of this is going on I truly believe with all my heart they never leave us ... they guide and help us which is often why they come in to tell us what is going on in your life to show you that.

So as we all move to our next world we are still very much alive and we will be moving forward and helping ourselves to learn and grow. We will be exploring new things whilst very much being connected right here to our loves ones because our bonds can never die. We are entwined always.

Love is and always will be our spiritual glue 💚💚💚

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1 Comment

Such lovely thoughts Debra at this difficult time. Xxx


Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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