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A Message to The Younger Me ...

If I could go back in time and have a chat with the younger me what would I say to myself? What advice would I give? ...

I remember a friend once saying to me she always felt like the ugly duckling and always waited to turn into the swan, it didn't occur to me until she said it, that I had felt exactly the same. I had often felt a little invisible and not quite big and bright enough, or that everyone else might be able to do it better. I can see now upon reflection that it is just human reaction and it is okay to feel like that.

So often in my life I didn't feel brave enough to do big things and felt so scared, but what I can recognise now is that I did them anyway, I just didn't realise it.


I just kept taking small steps and that all led me to where I need to be, it really was that simple.

Of course like everyone my story wasn't always as it may look right now. I remember being trapped in a job I didn't want to be in, feeling frustrated that life was passing me by, but not really knowing what I wanted or needed and this preoccupied me for hours. The sad thing I realise now is that I LET life pass my by at that time, all the hours wasted that I can never get back, I wish I could have been more present with my children and family and worried less.

I spent a lot of my time worrying about what people thought or trying to make other people happy. Of course I love to help people nothing gives me greater joy, but back then it felt it was my job to make them happy and to please them. I can see now often in pleasing them I wasnt looking after me and I would take a backseat.

So what would I say to the younger me?

  • You've got this and you can do it, step by step

  • If you are frightened do it anyway because it will always work out

  • Dont be scared of saying no, that is okay

  • Enjoy the moment it will soon pass

  • Not everyone can like you don't worry about it you won't like everyone either

  • Trust the energy - vibes tell you what your logical mind won't!

  • The things you are worrying about now you might not care about in the future

  • Love your people with all their heart and prioritise them

  • It is those craziest moments the real inspiration will come

  • It is after your darker moments the biggest empowerment will grow

  • You already are a swan

So as I reflect back I am so happy and grateful to be where I am and love that fact that my journey is constantly evolving and changing. I never really set out to be where I am today, I just let each day unfold as it needed to, which is most definitely the way I like to play it now as it lets me be in the present moment and I trust with all my heart I am and always will be guided. I am blessed and grateful and each day count my lucky stars, I have a good life, wonderful family and friends and I get to live my dream, but inside I am just little old me but instead of that being a negative I love that!

Why? Because I am free to be me and that feels amazing, if it is true for me then I know it is true for you too...

So what would you say to your younger self ? What would your reflections be?

We all grow up to be the swan, we might feel like the ugly duckling, but we all get there in the end it is a process that is guaranteed, we just have to believe in it! 💜

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