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Christmas Magic

It can be so difficult finding the magic in Christmas when some of our loved ones are in the spirit world.

You may feel like the magic has all drained away and wish you could fast forward to January.

Sound familiar?

So how do we not only survive Christmas but learn to enjoy it again?

Well here's the secret. The spirit world never leave us - they are always with us. For me it is like the sea and the sand. The two worlds cannot be separated.

At this time of year and at all times of year they are with us. They want us to enjoy the time and have so much fun and sparkle, like we would have done when they were in the physical beyond. Why? Because they are not dead, there is no death!! Simply a shedding of the old overcoat.

As we move forward towards Christmas time please remember that your loved ones in the spirit world can hear you. They will be with you and around you all.

Sending our beautiful messages to them via your thoughts will work - they will hear you! You do not need a medium to send a message back they can hear you and will gather in so very close, after all why would they not!?

So if you can raise a glass and remember that what it really all is about is love and love cannot die.. love is eternal and one day we will all know this for ourselves.

My Christmas wish for you all is to be able to find your own power and magic and remember no matter how alone and divided you feel please know we are never left or truly lost. The spirit world walk beside us every single day.

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Dec 06, 2020

Love back 💕💕🏡


Dec 06, 2020

Thank you Debra. Lots of love to you. 💗 x


Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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