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Coming Out of The Dark

Today is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, which every year is an incredibly powerful time of year as it marks the return of the light. After today the light gradually begins to slowly creep back in and the promise of better things to come can be palpable. This is a time for setting wishes and intentions ahead, a time when light and hope can be simply just around the corner.

This year and today is ever so special as we see the Great Conjunction occur when the two planets Jupiter and Saturn come together, this is what is thought to have guided the Christmas story 2000 years ago and is something we have not seen here for such a long time. Media reporting have suggested the two planets may meet every 20 years or so but this year its coincidental that it is around this time to coincide with Christmas, but is it?

I believe this is a time of magic and power and the spirit world are showing us this and reminding us they are with us all and they are bringing us all a strong message of hope and magic that we can link into, we have had an incredibly difficult and challenging year in so many ways, so light and hope are welcomed by us all.

Yesterday I had a very stressful day I was rushing around as many of us are at this time of year, not being present in the moment as I usually try to be, but simply thinking of my next task ahead. When I suddenly looked up and the beauty in the evening sky made me stop in my tracks, the stars were breathtakingly beautiful but overwhelmed me was the presence of that universal power that was again reminding me that we are never alone and that we are guided each step along the way as I looked up I whispered thankyou for I have so very much to be grateful for and count my blessings.

There is always something so very powerful and magical about the twinkling of the stars against the night sky and it always makes me feel and know that the spirit world are reaching out to us and that as I look up and send my thoughts out I know they are heard I feel that so strong. I know that at this time of year we are surrounded by our loved ones and the love is so strong, even if we do doubt that, for me it is as real as oxygen, we cannot see that either but it is always present.

So if you can today set your wishes and intentions and be present to witness the performance from the heavens above (around sunset) I know they will be heard and acknowledged.

It is a time for reflection and shrugging off the old and welcoming the new.

We are ready..

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3 commenti

Thankyou Debra I really needed to hear that today. X

Mi piace

21 dic 2020

Ahhh thanks so very much 💜💜💜

Mi piace

Such lovely words from a very special debra. I could feel your stress but you didn't let your 7pm class down ❤️🌞🌻😍

Mi piace

Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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