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Fears and Frustrations....

Have a little bit of patience … they tell us...

These things are sent to try us … they say...

How many times do we hear people say these things and in reality how easy is it for us to do this in the moment when you just want to tear out your hair, scream or cry with frustration and when it feels like the odds are stacking against you.

Sometimes there is a hidden and strong message for us all concealed behind the frustrations of things that perhaps are not going our way in life, things may often be gifts in odd shapes boxes. We cannot always see it in that moment but further down the line things can become much clearer and much easier for us.

The key when we come up against such frustrations it to take some time to step back, to take some time to breathe and just give ourselves time and space to think, rather going into panic and frustration mode.

I have my own very small example to share with you all …. Sunday 25th July my social media account was hacked and has been (and still is disabled), I wouldn’t have worried so much if it was just my personal account but it was also my business account. Of which I have spent 10 years building up and now it seems I cannot reach anyone and with over 27,000 followers this is incredibly frustrating and has taken up way too much of my time. My initial feeling was of panic if I can’t get into my account and I lose all those followers how will I run my business? How will people know what I am up to?

But I took some time to step back rather than being swept along in the sheer panic and anxiety of it all …

First of all can I do anything about it?…. Not right now so why panic!

Second of all will I really lose people? Is there other ways people can find and follow me? Of course there is what I am doing right now!

Thirdly at the end of my life will this be a big deal ? Of course not I am sure I won’t event remember it !!

Sometimes as one door closes another must open, sometimes our odd shaped boxes give us different ways to work and be creative!

And those are meant to be with us and find us will always be right there …

Of course it wasn't simple as that I spent hours trying to work it out, but I took time out I kept going out into my garden and into the nature and spending time just breathing and trusting that things always work out how they are meant to no matter how we see it in that moment.

So for me there will be more blogs and newsletter … I will move in alignment with the universe and see where it takes me… (please spread the word and let people know if you can). Scary and exciting all at the same time. the message for everyone is sometimes things can work out even if we cannot see it at the time, blessings in disguise and gifts in odd shaped boxes come to us in many way!

I wish you a wonderful week and wonderful August and will write to you all again very soon.

Much Love

Debra x

P.s. Private sittings can now be booked at the website.

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