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Gently does it...

Just be kind!

It seems right now, like this is our national slogan doesn't it. It seems to be everywhere we go, which by the way is absolutely amazing and correct and I love that it is!

But how often are we kind to others and maybe not so kind to ourselves?

How often do we have big expectations and create unrealistic or unnecessary pressures for ourselves to get through, to be where we feel we should be?

To some degree of course we all know this already, but we don't always follow what we know and go back to our old ways. Wouldn't you say?

So how do we move on from this ?

It is natural and normal in all our lives to feel up and down especially at the moment in these difficult times, it can sometimes feel like that I personally am experiencing four seasons in one day, sometimes I feel full of new growth and joy, other times it feels dark and a bit foggy. Perhaps sometimes you feel the same too?

By being kind and listening to our inner voice can be our move in our right direction, for some of us, all our lives we have listening to everyone else and ignored ourselves and as a result feel a little stuck or lost.


It certainly resonates with me and I have had to learn to look after me and not to ignore myself this has helped me grow my own confidence, know my own strength and feel more at one with me.

So how do I do that ?

Well for me meditating and connecting to my soul is essential. Your soul is the part of you that is eternal and doesn't die when you physical body does. It seems also to be the part that holds the inspiration and wisdom, it seems to be able to see past our fears to see and feel what we need to be doing in order to move forward, in the direction we want to go. So for me this is the part that I not only want to connect to but the part I need to connect to!

I cannot singlehandedly change the outer world, I cannot make there be outer peace everywhere (although of course we all have so much to give and contribute to the outer world that is absolutely right and vital to do this), but I can singlehandedly change my inner world and how I feel and how I see things. This is what I have been working intensely on over the last decade. It has really helped me to have an inner transformation so very much, which I believe will be ongoing for the rest of my days.

My steps for doing this ...

💜 Be self aware - don't ignore yourself, remember you count and matter and cannot always come last.

💜 Acknowledge how you feel to yourself, connecting via mediation will help you to feel yourself and bring a inner calmness

💜 Write - keeping a journal can be brilliant to helping you express what you feel inside and make some sense of it

💜 Be patient! Acknowledging that your energy will be up and down and is not static and that is more than okay, little steps move large mountains

💜 Your voice is your power! The more you speak up, the better you may feel inside.

💜 Be kind - you deserve self kindness as much as everyone else does

Just because these are my steps of course doesn't mean they are yours, but its good to explore anyway and you can feel what does and does not resonate with you after all there are no right or wrong answers.

But one things that is a set in stone is my words at the beginning, if we can go gently with ourselves and be kind to us, then we really are onto a winner.

Join me for the free 5 day Meditation Challenge starting 1st February 👇🏻

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Jan 27, 2021

For many years I’ve put others before me, practically running myself into the ground. My own fault I know. I’ve sat on that fence not knowing what side to go not wanting to hurt anyone. I have been lost & I probably still am a little but I’m learning to say no at times so I can concentrate on my own well being. I have definitely found that the meditation is helping me so thanks Debra for that. 💓💓 xx


Jan 27, 2021

This resonates with me Debra. I seem to put everyone else first and go out of my way to support others and give them my time without thinking of myself. Lockdown has helped me to say No to others and try to explain that I am busy, I need time for myself or that I cannot do something then but will arrange another time. Before I just did what everyone wanted & stressed my self and left myself with no time for me. You are so right, we have to look after ourselves xxx


Very true Debra. ❤️


Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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