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Heaven's Young Angels

The spirit world is full of people young and old, as we know death is not choosy who it takes, it does not spare our feelings and it is not kind.

But the spirit world is loving and it is kind and it does look after us and this is where we all go when the physical for whatever reason perishes and dies. Our soul lives on and we return home to the spirit world.

Life is tough for us whilst we are here, sometimes unbearable, for some they find it so incredibly difficult and sometimes almost impossible when a child or baby has been lost.

Our babies and children are loved, adored and cared for in the spirit world exactly as they should be here on earth, both babies that are born and live awhile and our precious babies that have to go back to the spirit world before they have the opportunity to live. They all grow, blossom, thrive and learn love and laughter in the spirit world. Every single life and spark of life is so very precious and therefore nurtured and loved in the spirit realm, no one is forgotten or left.

When babies and children return to spirit they never go back on their own, I was told a long time ago by the spirit world every child or baby is escorted home to spirit by an angel, there is no fear or bewilderment instead only a feeling of pure love, like being wrapped in a warm blanket, just as babies and children are not alone in this life, as they continue to grow and blossom in the spirit world they are loved and looked after, nothing stays the same just as it does not here, everything grows and move forward and progress is made in the spirit world just as it is here.

Over my time I have worked with thousands of babies, children and young people since they have passed to the spirit world. What I feel and see consistently is that the bond between family and loved ones cannot be broken, time places no factor in this. I remember working with a mother who has lost her son when he was very young as a baby. He showed me how over the years his family in the spirit world helped him to connect and stay connected to his mother, once he was of an age where he could come himself that is what he continued to do, he demonstrated this to his mother by bringing forward all what had been going on in her life since, his worlds were "you see I've never left, why would I, I love you all so very much" Nothing can take away the ache for the physical touch of course, but to know our loved ones are with us and always with us, can bring a hope and a comfort that life can go on not without a loved ones but instead with them.

Life still has so much meaning in the spirit world as one young lad told me

"We don't just sit on a cloud all day up here you know, we get on with things" when I asked him on his mother's behalf what he was doing. Often in the spirit world you may get a job of some sort just like we do here, but work over there often involves helping and supporting people, sometimes in our world, I remember working with a young woman who had passed to spirit world when she felt she could not continue life here on earth anymore, she came back to share with her Mum that since she has gone to the spirit world she could see things so much more clearly now, she was so sorry for how she passed and the pain it has caused but she was okay, she loved her family so much and now she was helping other young people here in life, as well as of course staying close to the family.

I remember working with a little girl who had passed to the spirit world, I worked with her mum and dad a few times and she would show me what she was wearing in the spirit world usually a sparkly dress and matching shoes, what she was showing me usually was the latest outfit her sister had, so she had the same just as they did her in this life (her way of course of letting her parents know she was very much still around, which gave them so much comfort). She showed me how she was proud to show off the new baby to her friends in the spirit world and was bringing them all into see him! She said tell Mum here are my new friends and would introduce them all (of course the names didn't mean anything because these were friends that she had made since coming to spirit world) but none the less she brought them home to see the new family news.

Babies and children in the spirit world bring so much joy just as they do here on earth, so many times when people go to spirit they will tell me that the children are there playing and they will watch them all free laughing and enjoying themselves, just as we like to see them enjoying themselves here it is the same in spirit. I know those that loved children when here in this life often help them in spirit. I remember working with a lady who had loved children when she was here but didn't get the opportunity to have her own as she was taking back home before this was possible, but when she came through she told us she was looking after the children and the babies which felt just lovely.

So my message to you all is everyone is safe and well and happy in the spirit world, no one is alone and the opportunity for growth is open to all children and babies, as it is to us all. They are still very much in our world as well as their own for this isn't seen as separate as it does to us you see, it is very much interconnected.

That bond of love can never be broken and it never needs to be for the spirit world is as real and present as is our love for them, and one day we shall all know this for ourselves.

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