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How did that happen?

I have my young niece staying with me at the moment, as she was dancing and singing and performing, I thought to myself my goodness me she does remind me so much of myself at her age. My brother turned to me and said "Debra she is exactly like you" and we laughed about all my singing and dancing antics of yesteryear. I would put so much effort and passion into my dance routine for the sheer joy of it, usually to the 1980s hit series Fame it was intense!

As I was telling my niece about when I was her age it felt like a million years before to her ... but for me just yesterday .... how does that happen?

Time does seem to elude us doesn't it? Often speeding up when we don't want it to and sometimes slowing down just to annoy us! It feels hard to believe that the younger generation now see me and people of my generation as the older ones ... how did that happen?

One thing I have realised however, we are all just navigating life and we all feel like we are winging it!

We look to others and peer in at a segment of their life which can look like it is all sorted and in order. Others may seem so in charge and smooth whereas sometimes ourselves we can feel like we just are pretending or guessing at things. But does anyone really feel they have it all sorted out? and yet that doe not stop us comparing ourselves or wasting so much precious time look at our own flaws when in actual fact we are all doing the best we can do, in the moment right now.

Knowing how fast time can pass and how quickly time is passing by, it is so important to make the most of what matters, not focusing on things that really don't matter. Easier said that done we can all groan, but in actual fact it is simply where we choose to put our energy, if we focus on things that we aren't so comfortable with we will be irritated and stressed. It maybe a fine art to let go of things that don't matter or in the bigger picture won't matter but I do absolutely believe it can be done.

I was reflecting back and wondering what I would say my life lessons have been so far ...

  1. Be kind to yourself ... you are the only one on the whole of this wild ride with yourself

  2. Time moves quickly make the most of it

  3. Be brave there will be times fear can paralyse you but do it anyway

  4. Trust you gut instinct on others -the words of Maya Angelou are the absolute truth "when someone shows you who they are believe them the first time "

  5. Don't worry too much what others think they aren't you ...don't let their views clog up your space.. worry what YOU think!!

  6. Live you best life and fill it with your best people

  7. Dance like no-one is watching

  8. Laugh lots and tell those you love how much you love and appreciate them... we all need to hear it

  9. Life has a way of working out for the best even if we can't see it at the time

  10. Live in the moment right now, these little things become the big things when we look back.

Time waits for no-one , it will continue to pass so don't waste it on things that make no difference to you or worse pull you down... I remember my Nan saying to me when she was in her early 90s "I don't feel any different inside you know, I still feel 21"

and it was in that moment it occurred to me it never changes ... how we feel inside isn't always reflective on the outside.

So my message to you all is live your best life and focus on the all the things that you love, dream big and be brave, time will pass so quickly and what can start out as a little daft idea could be your seed to turn things around for you.

Take good care and sending all my love to you all as always

Debra x

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Shelle Falcon
Shelle Falcon

I agree , we all are the same person inside we’ve always been just with more life experiences & knowledge (hopefully 😆)


Hi Debra, very wise words. Just what I needed to hear today. Thank you ❤


Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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