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It's Your Life !!!

Who really gets to walk this lifetime with us?

A few will join us on the journey but the only person who is there and present for every second of each day and every event both minor and major, happy and sad is yourself!

And yet somehow we still don't feel we are enough or trust our own opinions.

How often are we our own worst enemy?

Our own biggest blockage?

Judgement and opinion is a big fear for so many of us that can hold us paralysed in fear and stuck not knowing what our next move should be. What would you do next if you had absolutely no fear of what others would say or think?

The bottomline is how can we really judge anyone when we aren't present in all of their life? or understand how their life events have shaped them emotionally ? Surely it is like commenting on part of a painting or part of a film ... but still the thought of other people's opinions can stop us doing what we want to do?

Let it go.... This journey is between you and the spirit world.

No matter how you feel or how lonely you feel you are, you are not alone, you are loved, guided and helped along this pathway by the spirit world!

Keep going and be brave !

Stop listening to others and instead listen to the light and voice within you that is what really counts!!

Ultimately other people's opinions don't matter, they have their own lives to be concerned with so make peace with that - let people have their opinions and viewpoints they are entitled to them, but you don't have to absorb them ... instead listen to yourself ... you and only you know your true story.

When we finally make some peace with what other people think of us is none of our business everything can change. Remember we each form our opinions based on our own life experiences so far - so how can anyone judge you when they only know a snapshot of your life ... and vice versa!!!

Life is so precious and fragile, we never know how much of it we have got and yet sometimes it can be wasted on things that perhaps won't matter to us when we get to that point where we evaluate our lives.

Navigating this time on earth we call life can be difficult and living right here in the present moment can certainly be a challenge, we all have such demands on us and we can easily become overwhelmed. So all the more reason to consider the power of yourself and follow what your heart tell you to do. Your life is YOURS! of course we share it with people who care about us and vice versa, but there is only you who has been on your pathway for you entire number of years you've walked this earth. Make time and room for you to consider what you want to do, to form your own thoughts and to live how you want to live.

Don't wait for tomorrow, do what you want today!

Make the most of the time you have and whilst its important we spend that with others make sure also you spend time with yourself, there's one thing for sure the one person you cannot get away from is yourself, so instead of fighting yourself why not consider making that peace with you.

I've recently had some time away from work and one of the things I have done over this times is come away from other people's opinions. Switching off the TV/Radio/leaving my phone indoors and being out in nature -JUST ME! No other influence just in my own energy, to simply just be with myself ... This is so important to reset our own balance and something we would do so readily when we were children, and its what we need to get back to, so we can move back into the power of us and find out own opinions and voice not influenced by our world but by the power of our own soul!

We all have a purpose, whilst we are here on this earth every single one of us can make a different but I know so many people say to me I have no purpose I have no point - there is always a point and always a purpose it may well be that you cannot see it right now but you do have one and you are not alone, this moment in time is not your whole journey it is simply just this chapter.

So today make some time for you, listen to your inner voice and power, forget the critics and the overopinionated their words don't have to impact you if you choose not to listen to them.

Above all else consider your inner wisdom and strength and for once consider doing what you want ,,, make each day count as we all know how precious life can be ... you don't have to quieten down your voice ... you were born to hear it.

All my love

Debra x

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