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Nature's Midsummer Ball ...

"Welcome Summer Solstice, we have been waiting for you with anticipation"

Daily OM

And before we knew it once more summer is in full bloom and nature is today having its midsummer ball. All the flowers and plants dressed in their full colour and glory, the heady floral scent reminding us of yesterday's carefree days.

There is something graceful and calming about being outside always, but particularly at this time of year as nature puts on a glorious show and the light seems to go on and on, it is joyous and wonderful to be part of ... nature's healing balm.

Today we find ourselves at our longest day, a time that is always magical, a time where nature is radiating positivity. If you are at a time in your life where you are struggling to find any positivity or sunshine in your world, then let nature carry you for a while and simply breathe in the simplicity of the calming air. There is something always so healing about being outside regardless of the weather but particular a joy when the sun is shining and warming our skin which it has been lately.

Allowing ourselves to simply be where we need to be can be liberating. Nature asks nothing of us but allows up to join in the harmony and stillness of its world, it may well be right now that maybe the only invite you have or wish to accept.

There is so much we can learn and be inspired from being outdoors, each flower and plant dancing to it's own tune, each blooming and being wonderful in its own right a true harmonisation of nature. For me as a nature and garden lover I spend as much time as I possibly can in my garden. Some flowers need nurturing and gently encouragement to bloom, whilst others are self sufficient. Some are more dominant (the Ivy that comes in from garden over the way) and tries to take over and needs reminding of boundaries. There is so much to consider and understand from this.

In life we all have so much to give, we must all go through the seasons, but when we have lived through despair all the more it is important to appreciate the little moments, for later it is these wonderful ordinary moments that become the extraordinary.

There is something about being outdoors that can bring us closer to spirit, a lot of my conversations and meditations with spirit happen in nature. There is something about the naturalness of energy that helps me to feel at one with the divine power. Spirit are all around us and inspiration and signs can be found wherever we look or are drawn to.

So as we find ourselves at the Summer Solstice just in time for nature's midsummer ball. Take some time today to appreciate how far you've come, not just this year but on your life journey so far. You are growing despite and because of your difficulties and challenges.

Above all remember no matter how alone you may feel you aren't, our loved ones and the spirit are right beside us come rain or shine, whether we be in the depths of winter or the heights of summer, love just like the light right now radiates through you and allows you to growth no matter what and just as nature blooms in in all its glory, so can you it is your divine given right.

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