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Our Precious Animals

Our animals are so very precious to us and are very much part of our family. It has been said to me many times by the spirit world that they come into our lives to help us in so many ways, they give us an unconditional love and often healing. Indeed our animals can be a gift from spirit to help us through.

Yesterday was my day off and I was just relaxing, but I got a real strong pull to write a blog for you all. I didn't quite know what I was going to write about and nothing seemed quite right, so I sat with the spirit world. As I asked the spirit world to help me with it, they told me to share the importance of our animals.

When we lose one of our animals as they are so precious to us, it can feel devastating and often people feel they have to justify the grief and say I know it's only an animal but… But in actual fact we love them unconditionally. They are part of our family and as such the bond between us cannot be broken, love does not die we are all bonded together eternally.

So where do our spirit animals go? From the many sittings that I've done over time they go to exactly the same place in the spirit world as the rest of our families. They are most certainly not on their own and they often stay so close to us here, which makes sense as we know our animals are so very loyal.

How I came to get my precious dog Belle is so very special to me. It was back in 2015 and was the beginning of December and I was doing a sitting for a lovely lady over the phone. Her husband had passed to the spirit world and he was telling me how her dog had been a great help to her since he had passed to the spirit world. Her family had bought her little dog and he had been a lifesaver in so many ways. Towards the end of the sitting I heard him say to me, "You need to get a dog". I didn't take much notice, because at the time I had absolutely no plans to get a dog and felt it was a big commitment. He came back to me shortly afterwards and said again, you must get a dog, he told me what kind to get, even her colouring and I was to call her Belle. The message was so strong and my faith in the spirit world so solid I knew I couldn't ignore it. My husband wasn't quite so convinced and said no! So I left it and thought if its meant to be it will be, later he messaged back and said lets do it! I went with my intuition and soon I found my Belle, she was a little cockapoo and she was apricot coloured exactly as he had told me. On the way to see her I felt suddenly I should call her Honey despite being told her name was to be Belle but when I got there I was introduced to her Mother who was called Honey! I knew it was another sign! It was love at first sight and we had her home with us for Christmas.

What became clear over the next few weeks, months and years that would follow is that she is a healing dog, she was a gift from the spirit world to me and the family of course. She has brought so much love, healing and strength in a way I didn't know I needed it, I couldn't be without her.

What I've seen so many times over the years is that when our animals go to spirit world they are greeted and often back with our family members - when my Mum's dog Rusty passed back to spirit world last year in the first lockdown, I heard my dad in spirit shout

"Come on son this way" and I could see in my mind that Rusty was young and fit again. Just at the moment (we were on the phone) the member of staff came to tell Mum he had passed (as she couldn't be with him due to the restrictions of lockdown) but we knew then he wasn't alone as it was for him a joyful reunion with my Dad! But at the same time I know our animals are often with us here as well staying close to us, literally the best of both worlds!

So my message to you all today is our bonds with our animals are so precious, sometimes we rescue them and sometimes they rescue us, but one thing is for sure they are meant to be with us and are meant to be part of our journey. That bond of love cannot be broken, they don't leave us and stay so very close, so if you feel your animal is close, perhaps sense or feel them or see something out the corner of your eye then know it is real!

So when it is our time to walk to the to other side of the rainbow and our loved ones come to greet us and hold us again, amongst them will be our precious animals.

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