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Out With The Old and In With The New...

Happy New Year and Happy 2022!

As we waved goodbye to 2021 many of us will be glad to see the back of last year and many of us will be looking forward and feeling hopeful to a better year to come for us all.

This is a great time to reflect and evaluate on what has gone before us, a time to look at what we have learnt, as we wave goodbye to history and welcome the present and the future to join us.

For the whole of 2021 I kept a monthly journal and at the end of each month I would reflect and look at what I've learned, which was a very interesting process and one I shall be carrying forward with me into 2022…

Here’s some of what I found. Interestingly enough I don’t think any of my 2021 observations were new to me but perhaps I was ready to embrace them in a way I may not have done before ….

My 2021 Reflections ...

  • People can affect our energy much more than we realise but the more we become strong and comfortable with ourselves the less we are affected.

  • Not everyone can be our cup of tea … that’s ok, there is room for us all.

  • People will disappoint, perhaps this is the universe reminding us that not everyone is meant to be in our life and our circles … let people go who aren’t your people and those who are … keep them close to you!

  • We cannot change others and no matter how much we may want others to change it has to come from within them … we need to focus first on ourselves – it isn’t selfish, it is vital for personal growth.

  • We only listen to what we are ready to hear.

  • Negative talk will never help … choose what and who you listen to in order to keep your own energy buoyant.

  • It is the times when we are challenged and may feel uncomfortable that we grow the most from.

  • Self-care is vital and we must look after ourselves to thrive and grow.

  • Looking after our physical self well helps us to thrive emotionally.

  • Taking time out with self is where the inspiration and growth will happen … if in doubt head out into nature … it has a soothing power all of its own.

  • Make the most of your precious time and spend it with those you love … as memories become more precious the older you become.

  • Having fun is essential to keep us feeling young, life shouldn’t always be serious ... sometimes we just must lighten up!!

  • Keep the drama light! Forgive those you love and who are good for your soul and keep things in perspective.

  • Listening is sometimes more important than talking.

  • Keep looking forward as that is the direction of travel we are heading in ….

What are your reflections on 2021? And what learning are you taking forward into 2022?

My resolution for the New Year is to continue to challenge myself in order to grow and learn ... our comfort zones should be on elastic and we should be pushed out of them regularly. ...what are yours?

For 2022 my wish for you all is to have a year where you can enjoy yourself however you wish, in a way that helps your heart and soul to grow and to thrive and not just survive. May you experience love, joy, and peace in your hearts.

Love and Best Wishes

Debra x

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Happy New Year Debra xxx


Natasha Azadi
Natasha Azadi
Jan 02, 2022

Happy new year lovely. I hope this year brings you more success, love and harmony on your path.

Keep making those memories they are vital and important.

For me 2021 taught me....

* Not to be so serious all the time, relax a little, let some joy and happiness float in to your life.

* It also taught me some vital life lessons and a lot of self healing went on throughout the whole of the year.

* I learnt to embrace the darker parts of me and transfuse them into light, as those darker parts were not really me, they were put upon me and I believed they are mine, they are not. I let that shit go fast…

Jan 02, 2022
Replying to

Beautifully said !!! I love that xxxx


Marie Wilson
Marie Wilson
Jan 02, 2022

Happy New Year Debra, thankyou for sharing your thoughts. Sometimes as individuals , we don't realise what we need to see , until others show us , what we are often blind to see , and that's why we are lucky enough to have inspiring , but realistic people like yourself , to help and enlighten, bringing back the pathway of light .

Jan 02, 2022
Replying to

Happy New Year … thanks so much xxx


Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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