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Ring Out The Old, Ring In The NEW ...

Happy New Year and Happy 2023!

Well somehow here we are again at the end of another year... I heard myself saying a few times to friends I will be pleased to see this year out as for me I've found it very very challenging like so many people have on many levels, but then I thought wait, it is so important to take stock of where we are right now. So before rushing ahead isn't it time to reflect and celebrate all of it - after all what doesn't kill us does make us stronger as the old saying goes ... and every day I showed up and tried my hardest, as did you I'm sure. Patience, strength, vulnerability and tenacity are all important aspects of living and growing.

Some reflections to consider...

  • Owning your own power and strength can be hard work and needs to be ongoing maintenance, but the more you pay attention to yourself the stronger you become.

  • Fear shouldn't stop your actions you have to feel it and do it anyway!

  • It is in your darkest moment that you learn the most about yourself.

  • You are your own responsibility ... full stop.

  • Stay in your own lane!

  • Opinions are just that! Listen to your own heart.

  • Let go of negativity it will only hold you back.

  • Take time out from social media and your phone - you cannot think if you are always connecting to others.

  • Pain will always be part of your growth.. you are growing.

  • Laugh and have fun - that too has to be part of your journey too.

  • Be kind to yourself you sure do deserve it.

What are your reflections on 2022? And what learning are you taking forward into 2023?

My resolution for the New Year is to put myself first (and that in itself is a first). Continuing to focus on my work life balance, and enjoying staying healthy and fit - I hope next year to continue do more outdoor running, walking and exploring, and do some hill and mountain climbing.

For 2023 my wish for you all is to have a year where you can enjoy yourself however you wish, in a way that helps your heart and soul to grow and to thrive and not just survive. May you experience love, joy, and peace in your hearts.

Love and Best Wishes Always

Debra x

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Happy New Year Debra, thankyou so much for being you, you have helped make the last two years bearable for myself and my daughters. You are kind, and radiate such lovely energy, truly an angel 😇


Dec 31, 2022

I don't really need to say much but looks like I have. I've learnt so much this year I'm stronger, happier & more content with my life. I realise that I can look after me as well as others. I've met some lovely people over the year. So thank you Debra May be il take a leaf out of your book do more exercise walking but no mountains for me. . Happy New Year when it comes. Let's see what next year brings Sending lots of love.❤️ x


Awsome words as always x happy new year 🥳


Jane Huffadine
Jane Huffadine
Dec 31, 2022

Happy new year Debra and thank you for your wise words, sending love 💖


Dec 31, 2022

Happy New Year Debra to you & all your family. Thank you for your motivation, inspiration & messages, you are such a kind & thoughtful person. All the best for 2023


Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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