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Signs from Spirit

We are never alone, the spirit world walk with us every day. They may have no physical body but their soul, just like ours, is eternal and they try so hard in so many ways to let us know they are alive and well and still very much connected to us.

One of the ways spirit try to let us know that they are close to us is via signs they send. There are no hard and fast rule to this, signs are as individual as the person that sends them, but the more we become aware of them and the more open we become, the more we will see. You can ask for a particular sign and often you will get that sign (it may not be immediately but it will come).

Some signs are experienced by many people. Spirit may send them because we recognise them as a sign so we understand what it means - such as the feather for example. Of course with this we have to eliminate the obvious, like being from a feather pillow or bird, but feathers can appear when our loved ones are close to us and often they can appear when there are no obvious explanations. After my Nan passed my Mum was looking for signs and asked Nan to send a feather. Later that day she found what looked like a feather. When we looked closer it was actually a piece of tissue that looked exactly like a feather. I have not seen anything like it before or after, it even had a frayed edge that looked like the fluffiness of the feather. It was amazing and there was no doubt in our mind it was a sign she had sent to us.

I remember a few years ago my husband and me were going on holiday on our own and leaving our daughters at home. Allthough they were grown up I still worried about leaving them as it was a long haul trip and we would be a 8 or 9 hour flight away. As we were on the shuttle bus from the park and ride my husband suddenly realised he had left his bag with our passports in the boot of the car. It would take us a while on the shuttle bus to get all the way back round and we worried we would miss the flight. I began to worry we weren't meant to go, perhaps we weren't meant to leave the kids at home. I asked spirit to help me and send me a feather if it would all be ok as I knew we shouldn't see one in the airport. As soon as we went through security I said to my husband let's get a coffee. As the man served us he had a big feather tattoo all the way up his arm! I knew then I could relax and it was all okay and it was!

Butterflies can be another sign. Butterflies are very symbolic of us shedding one form and transforming into another. I remember many years ago doing an evening of mediumship. It was in the winter and there was a butterfly flying around. Eventually it stopped and landed on a lady's arm in the exact place she had a tattoo of a butterfly in her loved one's memory. It was amazing and we knew she was receiving a sign her loved one was close.

There are many many other signs such as robins, coins (pennies from heaven), ladybirds, messages in the clouds (cloud formation), car registrations being relevant, signs on vans or lorries, songs coming on, photographs turning up out of the blue and many different animals coming close. I personally always know when my Dad is close because I hear a particular song, and with my Nan I see a red admiral butterfly and I know it is her coming close.

So my message to you all is our loved ones are so very close to us and try so hard to let us know they are ok. Once we open our minds to the signs they will come.

Why not ask them for a sign and see what happens? Your signs may be none of the above but very relevant to you. The simple truth is love cannot die - we really are never alone.

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