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Stop Hiding Your Light!

I woke up this morning, feeling happy and felt it was time to write to you all again, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and all is well in my garden, a haven for peace and a place to reflect inwardly.

We are great at giving others advice don't you think? Perhaps not always so good at taking it ourselves... I can be guilty as the next person as far as that goes. Sometimes I find imposter syndrome can kick in when I least expect it ..

who do I think I am?

why do I think I am good enough? ...

Of course sometimes reinforced by negative people over the years, as we all know there is one certainty in life we cannot please everyone and not everyone will like us!!

But you know what? WHO CARES!!!! Don't let other people's points of view pull you down. Everyone has an opinion and that's okay, but what they think of us is none of our business ... just do you and keep going along your magical pathway and carry on regardless.

Very recently my youngest daughter who is just about to graduate, gave me some advice! She said stop being so negative! I immediately said I am not! I am a very positive person, she said you may be positive but you can still focus on what could go wrong and hold yourself back and make yourself small.

I thought about what she said and she was right I was ... I could recognise that sometimes I hide my own light and play myself down. Perhaps this is something we can all be guilty of, this is not the first nor the last time I will come across this within myself I am sure, BUT there is a great power in recognition as it is from there we move forward... so why do we do this then?

I believe in our lifetime we go through different phases sometimes we are the extrovert and sometimes the introvert, depending on what our soul needs at that moment in time. There are more than two sides to us all depending on what we need to grow and thrive. So perhaps how we were even a year ago maybe different to how we feel today and that is really good when we can go with a natural flow and change as we need to, but often in change we can then become comfortable and stay where we are. It is at this time we can hide our own light and retreat. Stay safe and perhaps not want to rock our own boat,

Here is your reminder!!! We are here in life to live to our best capability, to be brave and courageous. We are all meant to shine and not hide our light just incase it is too bright and somehow offends someone, if thats the case they can wear their sunshades!!!

So as I sit here and think about some reflections these come to the forefront of my mind ....

  • Trust those that have got your back and never let go of them

  • Forget those who wish to criticise, their comments were likely throwaway so don't let them burn a place in your heart (they don't deserve a place)

  • Listen to your own heart and soul YOU know your truth

  • Challenge yourself, come out of your comfort zone and push yourself, growth isn't always comfortable

  • Make time for you ... your life cannot be all about everyone else

  • No one has it all figured out we are winging it together!

  • Remember no matter what you are always loved

  • People will come and go, who you need in your life will change depending on what phase of life you are in, wish those leaving well and welcome the new light in!!!

So it is time we all stop hiding our own light, we owe it to ourselves to be as bright as we can be, to be positive and live in the moment! Okay we might fail at times ... but if we get back up and try again it wasn't a failure anyway ... just simply redirection ...

We are all enough and there is enough room in this world for us all to the brilliant and lovely and happy, it is not just available for everyone else it is there for you too .... this is your sign !!!

So what you waiting for? Start today, be brave come out of your comfort zone and live your best life no matter what you are so very loved!!!

All my love as always

Debra x

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Lucy Kennedy
Lucy Kennedy
Jul 23, 2022

I needed a gentle reminder of all of these things. Thank you


The contant battle of allowing and being brave enough to allow myself to just be free ✨️

There have been times I have felt brave but looking back I still had a toe in the comfort zone, like some sort of safety net.

But I must admit I feel I have come such a long way to where I was and that makes me smile from my soul.

Your words are a reminder of how far ive come and a reminder of how much more there is ...I felt every word !!

Thank you

Jun 23, 2022
Replying to

Absolutely you have got this !!!! So proud of you xxxx


Jun 23, 2022

Well I'm certainly coming out of my comfort zone.

I'm more positive than I've ever been.

So thank you Debra.

Jun 23, 2022
Replying to

Happy to hear it xxx


Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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