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The Autumn Doorway

Today is the autumn equinox a time when there is equal day and night, a time of complete balance, this is perfect opportunity to reflect on balance in your life and look towards how you can improve this for you. If there is one thing, I have learnt in the last couple of years it is the importance of balance and getting things into a comfortable order rather than leaving little time for myself.

I woke this morning thinking about the important of equilibrium in our lives … and how difficult that can be for us all to achieve, it can seem to be about everyone else but us and ultimately that can lead to resentment and frustrations inside of ourselves when we feel we aren’t included in our own mix!! So perhaps if you feel out of balance this is something for you to think about today and how you may bring some changes in as we move through the equinox and into autumn days. It is a time of change and a time to shed the old, a time for clarity and getting things into order. This is a time for us all to reflect on what it is we need and what it is we no longer need to carry for the for with.

For sure although the sun for the last couple of days is glorious, we are welcoming autumn with the crispness in the air and darker mornings and evenings - although we may groan about the darker evenings and mornings - my daughter text me last night to say it was the last time for a 7pm sunset till March and how depressing what that! I thought to myself gosh that feels a long time to go, but changes are gradual and normal, and we are guaranteed the light times will return as sure as eggs are eggs!!! Autumn is a time of magic and for me one of the most post powerful times of the year.

So now as we move into this glorious time of year with the doorway to autumn opening widely and particularly today at the equinox perhaps take an objective look into your own world … are you in balance the way you want to be? If no, we can all set in some changes to bring ourselves back into balance. Certainly, consider making a wish twice today and know those words and intention as they float across the autumnal atmosphere will be heard.

Finally remember although we don’t always wish to embrace the dark it is often when the stars shine the brightest and there is the promise after the shedding of the return of the light… not everything can stay the same as we are we are always constantly evolving and growing but we can always come full circle a little wiser and hopefully a little more content.


Debra x

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