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The In-betweeny Bit

I hope you have all had a good Christmas and a peaceful break over the festive holidays, at this time of year which can be so very magical but can also be so very difficult for so many of us. We all feel so different about this time of year, for some will be relieved it is over, some may feel lost like the sparkle has gone along with the Christmas cheer.

This is the time of year, the in between bit, in between Christmas and New Year can be when our anxieties, fears and worries can really kick in. This is a time when we really must pay attention and look after ourselves. How you may ask? by simply listening to ourselves for me this means looking after me physically as that impacts on my emotional wellbeing but also connecting to myself when I'm feeling edgy , worried or scared.

No matter where you are and what you feel right now, please know none of us are alone the spirit world are right beside us. I know this can be hard to believe and may feel a little far fetched to you, but for me this is a truth I accept just as I accept oxygen is always present I just cannot see it with my physical eyes.

I have had a few days off which have been wonderful and very much welcomed but I knew by the 27th I needed to get back to some sort of order, so over the last few days I have been looking after myself physically back to eating well and running again, even in the snow yesterday! which has helped me to reconnect to myself. What I recognised yesterday as I was running early in the morning amongst the freshly laid snow, the trees all looking so magical as the snowflakes seem to glimmer in the morning light. Is that there was a calmness and peace present it was there for me to tap into if I wanted to. That life can be so overwhelming at times and we can drive ourselves crazy with the what ifs ands and buts. As I ran, I was just present in the moment I knew that no matter what my fears are, what if this and what if that, I knew that I will be okay, why? Because I am not alone, no matter how at times I feel, the power of the spirit and the power of the universe is always there for me and if I can tap into my own calmness I really can move mountains. If that is true for me it is also most certainly true for you too, you have to adapt your mindset to bring that into focus but it is possible and within your reach.

This morning I knew it was time to connect to myself again via meditation, this was my first connection since before Christmas and it helped me to feel all calm and peaceful again, I certainly missed it. As I connected in with the spirit world I could see a door in the sky, it was just starting to open a little, I knew this was the door to 2021 and as I connected my guide told me it is a time for letting go of fear and dreaming of better times ahead it made me feel so much more positive and ready to go again!

So my message to you all is be kind to yourself right now, if you are feeling deflated and not quite sure where you are going right now it is okay, let us all together just take one day at a time - remembering that none of us are alone, not now not ever our loved ones continue to walk by our side.

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