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The Lonely Days - Part 2

Well I hadn't intended writing a part 2, but it would seem the spirit world had other ideas!

Firstly I was overwhelmed with the amounts of messages from people reading the posts also saying me too! It does show we do all have to go through the lonely days and although they feel just like the summer holidays felt to us when we were children - like forever! They too will past.

A couple of nights ago whilst sleeping the spirit world came and told me I must write a part two, so here I am!

They showed me the sun breaking through the cracks in the soil and helping the little seedlings to push through the darkness and that comes to us as a reminder no matter what is going on for you - YOU can break through that darkness, a crack of hope will come and that will then allow the light in. It is often in our darker hours that the lightbulb moment will come, you may not know it but what you are learning right now will help and equip you later, but also may help and equip you to help someone else - a comforting thought don't you think?

I recently reached out to a friend I've had in my life for over twenty years and who I've been through so much with and asked if we could meet up. She suggested a walk rather than food or drinks which we would usually do, sounded like a great idea! So away we went neither of us knew the pathway, as we just decided to meet in the middle of our two areas. We got lost a few times and ended up on path that was narrow and very thorny and not the easiest and had to reroute a couple of times, BUT we managed to get through the difficult part which then brought us back into the woods and back on the main pathway. As we were walking along we realised it was meant to be and a symbolic sign for us both right now. Life's pathway isn't always straight forward or easy, but if we can trust which way we feel we need to go and navigate using our own intuition things will even out. An ever important reminder as when we feel we are a little lost it can be hard to trust, but you have everything you need inside yourself to trust you on this journey that is yours!

So if you like me have been going through the lonely or darker days be kind to yourself, I find at this time my physical body is sensitive so being mindful of what I eat and drink helps me, connecting to the power of outdoors and disconnecting from social media can help me to be in under the right influence and connected to positivity and away from negativity. Reach out to those around you that a wholesome and supportive ... avoid those that are critical or negative right now you don't need to be pulled further down.


t is often in these times that we can forget the importance of having some fun, even in our darker times we can laugh and have fun, make time for that and make time for YOU! Put your music on and be free to be you, you are and always have been enough!

Whilst sitting with the spirit world recently they told me ...

How often do you think a wind torn tree might snap, but yet the bough bends and reshapes in life, if this world you can feel like the broken bough but you are part of a much bigger energy and we never really let you go ... but you can only learn by going out on your own limb. Ask for help and support and it will be given, perhaps not in the way you expect or want it, but the way it is required to help you you are never overlooked or forgotten....

So if you are in the middle of your narrow unclear pathway please keep going, trust that you can get through the brambles and your inner compass or intuition can guide you if you can be brave enough to listen and trust. ....

The truthful answer is although we feel the lonely days these too are the learned days!

All my love always

Debra x

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1 Comment

Dec 31, 2022

Thank you, for you loving, heart felt words, that come very close to home for me. It is extremely difficult to come to terms with life changing illines , that limit the quality of my life, and accept and welcome it, as, good growth.

I will re read your message, and take comfort from it.

I hope the message, helps you deal with any daily issues hat life has given you.

A desperate plea, we need you in Yorkshire in 2023 ASAP,

Take good care of yourself and your family. Sending, loving, positive, healing energy to keep you and yours safe and happy.

Janet Chadwick.


Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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