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The Magnificence of Autumn

For as long as I can remember I would be told off for not listening or going into my own dreamy world. My young school reports would say … lovely girl but tends to not listen! I was always happy in my own company when I was little, reading my books and going into my own little world, searching for magic, and feeling the presence of what I know now is the spirit world.

As I reflect of course the reason I was happy with my own company was because I was never alone. The presence of spirit has been a constant in my life -sometimes in the forefront and sometimes in the background of my life … but never far away.

What gives me the warmest glow is to know that is the same for us all!

We are all supported along this pathway of life, regardless of whether we believe it or not or feel it or not. We have all come from the spirit world and that is where we shall return to. I believe we are all loved and looked after no matter what. That world that can feel so far away from us and yet we want it to be so close … was always right beside us… Some things are so subtle we can look past it, searching for something to be far more dramatic.

Right now, our world is at that point in the year where autumn has arrived, the colours are magnificent, and nature is shedding the old. This for me is a most magical time. I feel the power and energy surrounding us at this time of year is palpable. Even as that little girl I would be so excited for autumn - everything that I loved then I still love now! The magnificent display of colour nature puts on for us, the cold days and cosy fires, apple pie and hot chocolates ... but reflecting back I know it was more than that that made me love autumn ...

As we move towards Samhein (what Halloween is based upon ) it is the point that marks the beginning of winter and the darker half of the year. It is in the darkness that the stars shine the brightest ... perhaps symbolically that is why we feel it so strong as it is through our dark times spirit are even closer to us. It always makes me feel at this time of the year that the veil between our two worlds is at its thinnest.

My favourite thing I like to do at this time of year is to walk out in nature amongst the magnificent colours, and to dream and plan what I will be doing in the next year of life (my birthday is Halloween) -where I need to go and what I need to be doing and almost stay in my own bubble … staying away from the negativity and the dramas that are created in so many ways that can constantly drain our very precious energy. Just as nature is letting go of what is no longer required we can also let go of what we don't need ... letting go of the old makes room for the magical new!

So, take some time around this time of year to dream a little, and remember as you step outside to allow the magnificence of nature to not only lift you up, but help you to feel the power of the realm of spirit gently holding that magical space just for you.

Just a little reminder for those who need it... Your pathway is wider than you think.

Why? So there is room for the spirit world to walk along with you🧡🧡🧡

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