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The Power of Meditation at Christmas

“There a place we can go a place, a nobody knows, where we can travel and it’s all so real just use your heart now come on now just feel“

So once again I’m here asking spirit to inspire me with the right words to reach who needs to be reached and they have given me the words above...

The message they bring to us today is there really is so much available for you, if we use our heart and minds to get there, for that is where peace and contentment lies inside of us. The journey must be taken inwardly though it’s the only way.

As some of you know I do a meditation each Sunday as numbers were falling due to everyone being busy in the lead up to Christmas, which of course is only to be expected and is the same for any event at this time of year.

I was thinking to myself well perhaps I’ll pick the guided meditations back up for people in the New Year. Very clearly and strongly I heard No! Spirit said you MUST keep going especially at this time of year, this may be one of the most magical and joyous for some, but the darkest and the most hollow for others you must keep it going for this meditation will bring a light even if it’s just a little while for some people tell as many as you can to join.

The power of meditation for me is a gift so very underestimated, when you turn off your everyday mind and go inward there is so much there you can find.

But I will be truthful and this might shock you ... meditation used to irritate me! I couldn’t be bothered for it I saw it more as a chore. I could get by without it so didn’t really pay it much attention, when people spoke of it I used to roll my eyes and think yeah whatever ... when I look back I hadn’t found the beauty within it as yet.

But then I went through a phase in my life where nothing felt right, I was anxious , stressed , worried about approval which at the time very much affected my connection to spirit. I was desperate to feel better to climb out of the hole I had found myself in. That’s when I found the magic of meditation ! It didn’t take long for me to start to climb out of my hole and back onto my pathway ... truthfully I’ve not really looked back ! Now I’m so much more connected to me and the things that bothered me now I don’t carry anymore, why because I don’t need them.

So this is the message that must reach those that need it today .... it’s time 💕

Come and join me 7pm this Sunday 🧘‍♀️

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