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To Infinity and Beyond!

That's right infinity and beyond really does exist!

And here is the fantastic news about it - it is open to everyone, it is not as some would have us believe an exclusive club!

Whether you believe it or not after physical death, your soul is going onwards to the spirit world and whilst you may shed your physical body, YOU do not die!

You are alive and the same old you as you have always been!

Even the most hardened sceptic in life has come back to me to tell me they were most surprised to find they were still alive and not only that but reunited and surrounded by those they loved in life, whilst still being bonded to those they love here on earth .. One man told me it was better than winning the lottery when he realised he hadn't died and was amazed by the love and joy he felt when he realised he had nothing to fear in death - there was no sting for him!

Just as your loved ones who have returned to the spirit world before you are surrounded by those they love, when our own times comes so will we be! For one day we will all be back together and there will be a big party to celebrate it.

But the real the truth of the matter is that infinity needs to start today! Our loved ones in spirit want us to live our best life NOW ... while we are here! Why wait until we get back to spirit and are all back together.

So often when we lose someone we can put own life and world on hold, while we feel we are limbo. It can feel wrong to us to be living and enjoying life, but truthfully I have never ever had a loved one come back to me to say people should not be enjoying themselves and living their best lives. On the contrary I have had so many spirit people tell me to pass on the message it is okay to let go of guilt that leaves people paralysed and in limbo and find happiness and meaning in life. They often come back to say please tell them I'm okay - we all are okay and when you celebrate we celebrate with you!

Love is the eternal light and healing balm that bind us always, it is a guarantee that we cannot and will not ever be separated. Life doesn't end when the last breath lives the physical body it simply changes. Growth and evolvement is for forever, in the spirit world we can continue and continue to grow and learn. Often seeing where we made mistakes and have regrets in life, these can all be learnt from. Just as you may feel you have grown and feel like a different person from years ago, that is same within the spirit we can grow and learn and strive to be the best we can be.

Don't wait till you go across to the spirit world to live your life, start now!

No matter where you are, YOU can make a difference to someone and ultimately that is what it is all about - the more we reach out and help others we also help ourselves at the same time. If there is no death and there really is not, well what a liberating freeing thought!

Use this to live your best continued life, so when it is your time to go to the spirit world you can be proud of what you achieved and not think oh I wished I hadn't wasted so much time!

Why waste a moment longer?

Make today and everyday count we may have infinite time but that doesn't mean that today is not important! Live for the moment and know that tomorrow is taken care of.

To infinity and beyond means that no matter what the stars are there to guide us on our journey and possibilities are limitless. You can be anything you want to be and achieve anything you wish! And your loves ones and friends in the spirit world really do love you to the moon and back,

everything in between and beyond!

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1 Comment

This is such a wonderful post! I really enjoyed it and it is really timely as I have been reading more about how the spirit world works! Amazing!!!! Thank you!


Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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