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Where did you go?

I knew it was time to write to you all again when I awoke from a spiritual dream last night. The spirit world showed me that often we think people are snatched from our world and it feels so sudden and cruel ...

It is then that we often wonder...

Where did you go?

Are you really okay?

What are you doing?

Who are you with?

Are you still with us?

In reality all is well and they never went away as the spirit world is interconnected with our own world. In my dream I was shown a curtain and behind there was our loved ones, safe and well and happy. I was being told in my dream it was time to remind people of the truth, that in our downhearted moments we can forget, become unsure about or it may well be that you are not sure if you even knew it in the first place.

Here is the truth and the ultimate truth ...

Life is eternal as is love!

It cannot be broken and it cannot die... no matter what and the breakdown of the physical body cannot stop this process.


We are all made up of energy, every single one of us and we have all come from the spirit world and that is where we will return to, taken safely and lovingly across to the spirit world to be reunited with those that we love and who love us dearly.

It can be so difficult to understand how this can be when we are in this physical world that can often feel a little black and white and it feels like there is a gaping hole left in our world when someone we love so dearly has gone across to the spirit world before us.

The first point is there is no separation, merely a shedding of the old overcoat we call the physical body. There is no death but a moving forward to the spirit world. The two worlds are entwined together like the sea and the sand and they cannot be separated not now not ever. We are all bonded together in love and that just like life is eternal.

The question that is on everyone's lips is often are they okay and the answer is absolutely YES!! Everyone in the spirit world is safe and well and that includes your precious loved ones.

I believe that when we get to the spirit world we continue to learn and to grow, as a young man once said to me

'We don't just sit about on clouds you know! You get a job over here!'

Whilst it made me laugh it is so very true! Our learning and growing doesn't stop because we go to the spirit world on the contrary, it continues on. There is so much to explore and to continue to learn, help and support not only for their own soul growth but to help others.

In the spirit world we can be with who we want to be with, people we love and who loved us there is no-one alone, but of course that includes still being interconnected with us all and our lives. here in the physical realm. So many people say to me was my loved one present at our special family occasion and the answer is of course! They are by our sides and don't leave us... of course we have to get on and live our lives, they very much want that for us!

To live our best life and to be free and to be brave to make it count, but they are gently encouraging us and support us along the way.

So please know that not only is life eternal but so is love that means the bonds we hold so strong in our hearts are never broken or lost. Our loved ones are not only very much living on but are still surrounding us and this won't change not now not ever ... what they want for us all is to be able to live our own best lives here until we are joyously meet again ... so why wait, start living your best life today safe in the knowledge that all is well.

All my love

Debra x

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Pat Abbott
Pat Abbott
Jul 18, 2022

it was like you are reading my thoughts since i lost my hubby a few weeks ago im lonely and devastated this message made my day xxxpat


Lesley Templeman
Lesley Templeman
Jul 18, 2022

Thank you so much Debra for this reminder , just what i needed to hear ...much love xxx


Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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