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You'll Never Walk Alone

This old world we live in can feel stormy can’t it?

We can feel so alone and not really be sure where we are going or even if we are navigating in the right direction.

The key in every storm is to just take some time, time for us, to step back, to just breathe and reflect.

The strongest lesson I have learnt and been reminded of over the last 18 months is of my own power. There is only ourselves who can push forward for ourselves although many times I have wished hard someone might come and do it for me. But alas that didn’t happen and actually it wasn’t meant to.

No matter how alone we feel we really are not, we are lovingly guided and support through the darkest of storms… I will share just a little tale with from earlier this morning …

I was out for my morning run and was contemplating how I would navigate forward if my social media issues don’t get sorted, as I was thinking of this I felt my precious dad come in so close from the spirit world. He gave me a little advice and I felt him so strong and a strong sense of support an love, in my mind I said to be him please stay close with me for a while and I’m glad to stay he did just that and as continued my run I felt him close with me as I ran and took in the beauty of the countryside.

So my message to you is remember you have the power and strength to do what you need to do and to navigate where you are on your life journey right now! There maybe moments where you feel lost of confused but you can do this and no matter how dark life feels you really are not alone your loved ones walk this pathway with you .

For me I have taken great healing from nature and the outdoors I really do feel there is a healing balm in nature and a place where spirit draws so close to us. Take some time for you and as you walk outside and open your heart and mind know that whether

you sense the spirit realm or not they are surround and guiding you.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend whatever you are doing.

All my love always

Debra x

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Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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