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A Little Self Love ...

Happy International Women's Day!!!

Today it is ladies day to celebrate ourselves, celebrate our lives and where we are right now!!

But how good are we at doing this?

It is so easy for us to bring ourselves down or point out our own flaws, oh yes haven't we all become experts in doing that!

But we are not so good in celebrating ourselves and our own successes. Celebrating us should NOT be a crime, If we can all try our hardest to be the best version of ourselves, we then can influence, cheers and support others to find their best selves and so that bubble of love, hope and positivity can go on! Isn't that a good thing? Perhaps this makes you feel excited or perhaps it may cause a little eye rolling, either is okay, but just take a moment to absorb it anyway.

When I reflect back over the last 27 years I’ve spent since becoming a woman, I have been through many phases in my life as we all have.

I remember feeling unseen and not good enough and I stayed in that phase for a long time, admiring others and wishing I could also be like them, if only I could be thinner/prettier/cleverer ... but what I failed to recognise is that I didn't need to be like anyone else I just needed to be accepting of me!

Once I finally found peace with that the rest slowly fell into place, I suppose a period of finding out who I was and a journey of self discovery then unfolded and is still unfolding.

Over the last 15 years of my life I have tried hard to coach myself and to work on me. To try to be my best advocate and to be WITH myself NOT against myself. It is not always easy to do but these days I find it so much easier and I am happy to say I've found some peace inside BUT I am still very much work in progress, which excites me imagine where we will begin the future and what lessons and realisation we will have to move us forward even more.

When I look back on my challenges so far, I can reflect that my biggest challenges was often pushing through and making myself do what I needed to do, despite being really scared. I used to tell myself my comfort zone is made of elastic and meant to be stretched daily, this helped me and in really tricky times I would say "this is a moment in time and it will come and go and this time tomorrow it will be over with".

When I changed careers I worried so much about failures

Will anyone really want to see me?

Who wants to hear from me?

I'm not that special ...

But what I can recognise is that some will be interested and others won't and that is okay!!!


Because in life our energy will attract those that are meant to be with us and if we are not meant to attract them then we won't! We are not here on this earth to interact or engage with everyone, so if we just focusing on doing us and know who is meant to walk with us will find us.

My question to you all is do we really celebrate ourselves enough? How are YOU doing with YOU?

In my humble opinion we don’t, we play small in so many ways ... but if we don’t be on our own side, who can do it for us?

There is so much criticism out there perhaps more than at any other time and via social media, people can judge us and have an opinion when they don’t even know us.

So remember ...

  1. There’s only you that really knows you - you know the whole story and you get to choose whether you share your story or not!

  2. Everyone will see things differently and that's ok, they may not see it from your viewpoint, that doesn't define your self worth.

  3. Not everyone will like you, make peace with that, but your people will love you regardless.

  4. You don’t need to have it all worked out - does anyone?

  5. So long as you get up and keep going you cannot fail , success is giving it a go despite your fear!

  6. Be Kind - be kind to you and be kind to others, we are all just trying to find our way.

So my message to you all today is you are doing amazing!

We are navigating through incredibly difficult times, where everyone can seem like they've got their life together (don’t believe everything on social media) or can seem like they have an opinion on you .... opinions are optional, you can take them or leave them ...

So today I hope you can choose YOU ... choosing self-patience, love and care can go a long way sending so much love to you all 💜

To join tonight click here👇🏻

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