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A world of equality

See yourself no less or no more than your fellow travellers upon earth.

Those fellow travellers are sometimes clothed in a human body sometimes in the form of animal or insect,

Who are we to decide we get to dominate the planet

How naive of us to decide we are worth so much more!

As you travel through this life and try to navigate and make sense of where you are travelling

Take less notice of those that are traveling around you and focus more on those that travel with you

Give your love and peace but worry not about their destination and pathway

It is more fruitful to focus upon your own after all that is all you have control over anyway

Judgement is an insecurity of the mind and a flaw of the soul, let go of the need to judge or join in with negative commentary it achieves little other than create your energy and tone for tomorrow

Instead as you walk this pathway dream of a world of equality where we can be filled with peace and love for others and seek out the sunshine and joy amidst the clouds and pain ... you can still find it in the least expected moments


Debra Chalmers

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