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In these difficult times

Right now although we are incredibly difficult times it feels like we are surrounded in a power and a magic. I believe we are all moving into a spiritual awakening.

The signs are all around us if we just open up our hearts and our minds to them, when you’re out walking for example take notice of what you see it may well be a physical sign that comes to you in the shape of a feather or a butterfly or a robin. You may look up to the cloud and see a significant shape through cloud formation because the spirit world are all around us I don’t believe that we’re ever left and I certainly don’t believe that they leave us in our times the situation of trouble.

There is no set pattern to signs they will be different for each person, so what is the same for me could be different for you, what I truly believe is that if you open up your heart and your mind and you reach out the spirit world will reach back to you why not try it? Please do let me know how you get on.

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