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Don't You Forget about You ...

As I sit here drinking my tea contemplating my day and having five minutes to myself as I have an unexpected gap in my diary, I felt compelled to write a blog as it has been a little while...

Life is always a roller coaster wouldn't you say?

It never really is a linear journey, we seem to be up and down, progressing forwards whilst retreating backwards and it can be very confusing. The more I reflect back on my own journey (after all the only thing I can reflect on is myself) the more I can see progress and strength comes from the gloomiest of moments and times. There is a strength and resilience and an inner wisdom that can be ours to tap into should be take a moment to be in the stillness with ourselves.

The more that I continue on my journey and on my spiritual pathway I recognise and realise everything that I need for peace and contentment, lies within me. We hear this many times through quotes and people saying it and at times when people have said that to the younger me I have not always took it seriously and it doesn't always sink in, but it is the absolute truth.

How often do we find that we are looking after everybody else? Perhaps trying to keep everybody upbeat and afloat and that's usually when we feel drained, exhausted or perhaps we stop when we become unwell. I have fallen into this trap many many times as I'm sure you have but the older that I've got the more I realise that when I can make the time and space for myself and being my own energy, then the more peace I create an therefore the more energy and time I then have for others.

I promised myself at the beginning of 2023 to make time for myself and for the first time in my life to proritise my needs and this has given me so much space to create inner harmony. Each day I sit in my garden (regardless of the weather ) and meditate and connect to spirit. Sometimes I feel a little advice and support, sometimes I bask in the peace I feel, sometimes I can alleviate my anxiety and worries. What I know for sure I always feel better after. It has helped me to stay in my own bubble. Staying more in my inward space and worry less about the outward world. Of course I will always help and support, after all that is what life is all about, but finding joy in my life for me is my right, just as finding joy in your life for you is your right.

Sometimes following bereavement we can feel like we lose ourselves, our lives can change and everything like shifting sands may feel different, which can be so scary and lonely. Please know that your loved ones in the spirit world want you to be happy and find joy in your life again and it is possible,

if you allow yourself time and space to consider this. We all count and we all matter but most of all no matter how we feel we really are all loved and supported if not always from this world then most certainly from the spirit world.

So perhaps this is the little sign you needed ... Today do something for you ! Take a moment outdoors and feel what you can be grateful for, chat with the spirit world they always hear us. Life is happening today don't wait for tomorrow start right now, you can do this.

All my love always

Debra x

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I think 2023 is a time to look at ourselves and take some time just for us. After a bit of a stressful few months I have found I need time just for me and ive made no excuses for it, its certainly a year for reflection and truly feeling and looking at our own needs with no guilt attached to it .... sending you love and peace in all you do and thank you for sharing ❤️


May 16, 2023

Such a beautiful post Debra and very timely for me in many ways. Definitely a little sign I was meant to see today.

thank you for your wise words x


Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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