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Finding Your Inner Power

In any motivational positive posts, we read they all say the same thing that we must believe in ourselves, and that we must learn to love ourselves and be our own best friend, but is it easier said than done? I don’t know about you, but I have read these and sometimes switched off part way through, because it can feel like maybe that it is applicable to others but not for us.

Sometimes it can be so hard to believe in the power of yourself when we may have absorbed in other people’s opinions and views for so many years. Don’t you find that sometimes it can be way easier to criticise yourself than to congratulate? Or even if we do congratulate how often is there a yes but ... are we ever good enough for ourselves?

It took me a long time to believe in the power of me and it took me an even longer time to believe I was good enough and that I was equal to others. As a young person I used to feel invisible, I used to feel like I didn't matter, and I certainly didn’t really know where I belonged. It was hard for me to find my voice. I was very shy and to even speak in an uncertain situation was very difficult for me. I remember starting a new job and my boss at the time said

“you're slow to warm up once but once you get going, you’re fine”

and that resonated with me. I couldn't always articulate what I wanted to say and I felt like nobody would want to listen to me, I guess I felt incredibly small and insignificant.

Of course, over the years as things moved on, I began to find and embrace my inner light and power and so eventually stepped into a place of harmony and power and I'm happy to tell you I no longer feel like that, but I know that that that there are many people who still feel worthless and not loved and if it’s possible for me to turn it around then it is possible for you too!!!

Upon reflection I believe there was five main steps I took as I worked towards finding my own power …

1. I began to meditate and use visualisations and upon reflection this helped me to connect inwards into my own inner light and power and that helped me to understand me more … the more I did this, the more in tune I became with myself

2. I began to write and journal – as I wrote I could make sense of what I was feeling

3. I kept my dreams prominent – I was scared by them but tried to push myself out of my comfort zone and do them anyway

4. I began to challenge myself to use my voice more and as I did so, I began to realise my voice was my power, the more I used it the more powerful and heard I felt!

5. I began to build in quality time for me where I could switch off and just be with myself – the biggest lightbulb perhaps of all was I wasn’t responsible for everyone else only myself!

I was reading this draft post out to my husband as I wanted him to check how it sounded, he looked a little perplexed and said ...

But how can people do it? After all, if it was that easy everyone would do it wouldn't they?”

Isn’t that the truest of stories?

People’s lives can all be different, and everyone has different challenges in front of them, it is so easy to say love yourself, of course we all know it is not that easy to do. However, at the same time, I know that every single one of us can reach inwards and find our own light and power and help ourselves to grow that light and move ourselves forward no matter what.

I truly believe the answer to becoming more in harmony and find our own inner strength is connecting with ourselves, we must go inwards and search for the light and power that is there. No one can give it us, but many will try to take it away. Once you start to connect with yourself it really can be a game changer.

You were put on this earth to shine; we were all put on this earth to shine and guess what? There is enough space for everybody to grow together and the most important thing is don't let other people dim your light, we all know that there are people who can be nasty and spiteful and will criticise us regardless of whether you do a good job or a bad job and we can get preoccupied with that BUT if we can move towards letting them go and not focusing on that so much and if we can focus on believing in our own power then we can really take ourselves to a different place…a place where anything really is possible .... are you ready?


Debra x

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Naomi Skelton
Naomi Skelton
Feb 21, 2022

Thank you for this uplifting blog post. What I really needed to hear today.

Feb 22, 2022
Replying to

Sending much love xxxx


Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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