Are you living your dream?

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

As I come up to my nine year anniversary of leaving the NHS and my previous career I was reflecting on how far I’ve come in that time.

When I first left I was so scared, although I was leaving to do my dream, as you can imagine I was very frightened and full of worry and really I had no idea if it would work.

I really had to trust, I had to trust myself, I had to trust in the spirit world and I had to trust that things would work out and this was my path.

There were times for me when I really had so much doubt when things got difficult or challenging and I wondered if I’d made the right decision. Of course I absolutely no I have and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

What I can see as I reflect that everything was exactly the way it was meant to, and those difficult times that I experienced and all those ups and downs were there to help me grow. If we can trust and be brave then we can achieve anything we put our minds to I can’t quite believe how far I’ve come and it makes me excited to see where am I go in the future.

This is true for me but it also could be true for you…

What are you waiting for?

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