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Happy February ....

Well we made it out of January! And what a long month it seemed to be don't you think?

Although I always enjoy the cleanness and starkness that January brings, I am happy to see February, a shorter month - before the arrival of the much anticipated Spring.

February for me is a lovely month. It is shorter, the nights are getting lighter and soon Spring will be just around the corner as we see the arrival of the snowdrops and the daffodils. A month that brings a hint of hope that brighter, lighter days are on their way for us.

If you are struggling right now don't give up and hang on in there! It can seem at times things are never going to get better and we never will find a brighter day, but just as day follows night, the light must follow the dark. No matter what is going on for you please know that you are never alone (none of us are) and neither have you been forgotten nor left behind.

You see, no matter what we think, the spirit world never leave us to struggle on our own. Of course they cannot do things for us. We have to take charge of our own lives and they cannot, much as we would want them to, give us the answers. But what they can and do do is walk beside us through times of lightness and darkness, offering us their ever loyal love and support.

So right now perhaps we should take our inspiration from the beautiful little snowdrops that are just starting to pop up. No matter how hard it can get and how dark it feels the snowdrops are determined to blossom and bloom anyway, giving us all a little of nature's beauty to feast our eyes on, in the starkness of winter. They are often seen as the little flower of hope as they can be the first to come after the hardness of winter which is so lovely - a flower that looks so delicate but has a real tenacity about it I always think.

Did you know that February comes from the Latin word 'to cleanse'? February used to be seen as a month of atonement so perhaps you can use this month to reset things for yourself? We all need to take time to reconnect to ourselves and perhaps disconnect from social media for a while and definitely spend some time looking after ourselves in whatever way we need it.

Let us try to keep hope close to our hearts and above all else be kind to ourselves. Look after you and do what you need to do to keep yourself well. Perhaps just like the little snowdrops it is your time to bloom and shine in your own individual way despite what has been going on around you.

Sending you as always all my love

Debra x

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1 Comment

Love your take on spring is upon us. Snow drops are hardy, strong and pretty.

I so appreciate nature in abundance but February is an extremely difficult month for me. I wish I could share and understand your positivity at such a difficult time.


Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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