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Holding On ...

and so it seems summer is holding on just a little while longer .. as she dazzles us in all her glory with one final show of beautiful sunshine this week.

Usually I am every so excited for autumn as it is my favourite season but this year I feel a little sad and perhaps not ready to let of the summer or my beautiful garden I have tended and cared lovingly for each day for weeks, forgetting my troubles and worries as I've been at one with nature on a daily basis. Worrying to myself how will I maintain my balance with nature when I'm not in my garden, grabbing every spare moment I have?

I remind myself that it can often be like this in life can't it ? We can hang on sometimes too long because we aren't always ready to accept the change, but yet going with the flow usually works out in the end exactly as it should. I will as I do each year replace being out in my garden with walks in the wood and being indoors enjoying a time of rest and recuperation.

Everything must change and nothing as we know can stay the same, autumn for me is glorious and also one of the most magical times of the year, as the energy and power in nature builds between now and Halloween, it always feel like the veil between the two worlds is at it's thinnest the magic and the power of the spirit realm is palpable everywhere.

As we shift from late summer into early autumn and we feel that change in the air and feel everything is dying off and slipping away from us, we are reminded that it is just simply a time of shedding - the trees will shed the old leaves but they will grow again .. we are always growing and moving forward, we cannot die even when we go to the spirit world we live on .. it is simply our old overcoat that we have let go of, we go home to the spirit world.

So although I am not quite ready for autumn and want to enjoy the last drops of summer I am already lighting candles and looking forward to my cosy open fire ...

Right now nature is reminding us all not to hold on too tight, to go with the flow and enjoy the moment that is there for us, there is beauty in each season ... meanwhile until the wondrous colours of autumn kick in I will enjoy the last magnificent show in my garden and trust that everything comes full circle and nothing is really gone forever ...everything passes and comes back around, our loved ones in spirit walk beside us every day .. try to let go of what you cannot change and enjoy the small things around you right now ... all is well in the end 💖

All my love

Debra x

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Lesley Templeman
Lesley Templeman
2021년 9월 06일

Beautiful words as always ...i love the Autumn too ,your Garden so lovely xxxx


Sandra Scoular Prev Follin
Sandra Scoular Prev Follin
2021년 9월 06일

Aww your so right. What we cannot change we need to accept. Be grateful for the small things in everyday life. One day at at a time. Xx🥰


Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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