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Keep On Going ….

So here we are finding ourselves moving towards the middle of January, known to be possibly the gloomiest month of the year and it may well be that right now you are really feeling it… perhaps you are not so sure where you are going or maybe you feel like your get up and go has got up and gone. It may seem to you that everyone else seems to have it together but you are walking around in the same circle, different day, same old rubbish.

No matter what we have gone through or are going through it is important to say that no matter how dark or bleak things can feel there is always a way through whatever is going on. No matter what don’t give up. If we keep on getting back up then we cannot fail … progress isn’t linear, it is not a straightforward process. There are times when all of us feel that we don’t know what we are doing … simply feel like we are winging at life ... and that life is passing us by. Perhaps we look at what is going on and think to ourselves this is not how it was supposed to be …. sound familiar?

There are times when we may not want to move forward or feel absolutely exhausted by what has gone before us … But I want you to know this … we are never alone! Not now! Not Ever!!! …. The spirit world never leaves us. Of course they cannot walk our pathway for us - that is ours and ours alone to do. But they can gently guide us and help us, and they certainly do that in so many ways. As well as this know that you matter and count and you deserve to give yourself the very best you can. Those that love you in the spirit world are willing you on all the way.

How often in our minds do we have a vision of how we thought things should be? In reality life never really does turn out how we expect it to. If we cannot be perfect or get everything right we can feel like we are failing, but the most important thing to remember is as long as we keep on going and trying we cannot fail … sure life doesn’t turn out how we expect it to and sure there are times that heavy disappointment and pain can weigh us down like a mill stone around our neck, but we all have a light and power inside of us that if we can ignite. We can move forward despite all the obstacles we may find in our pathways. Finding that light and power inside of us not only helps to show us the way but perhaps we can help and inspire others along the way too.

So, as we find ourselves moving into the depths of January remember that light always follows darkness, and that spring will soon be just around the corner and that despite the darkness the stars will always shine on and provide us with light and sparkle. No matter how alone you feel or how despondent you may be remember we are never alone and there is a greater power helping us along the way and walking beside us each day, as are our loved ones helping us move forward. Tomorrow is a brand-new day … keep on going - you’ve got this.

With Love as Always

Debra x

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Dr. Susan phoenix
Dr. Susan phoenix

Very apt as always. Thanks Debra all support from you & the spirit world is especially welcome at this transforming time of year. ❤️


Thank you Debra I needed this at the moment 😊❤❤ xx


Debra Chalmers  Spiritual Medium

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