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The Dreamy World of the Spirit

We are all connected to the spirit world, although we often believe this is just for a select elite few, that is not true. If it is open for me, then it is open for you too.

How do I know that?

Spirit once told me, you've all come from the spirit world and that's where you will all return to. There is a light and spark of spirit inside of me but also it is inside of you too, it is inside of us all. Put simply it is up to us if we chose to light the spark and pursue our own spiritual pathway, whatever that be.

"It's not the dead that hurt you, but the living"

That old saying, my nan used to say to us often when we were young and for me it is the truest of stories. The spirit world aren't there to hurt us or to harm us, they are there to love us, support us and to walk their path with ours. They are exactly the same when thy were here on earth, the only difference is now they have shrugged off that old overcoat we call the physical body. Of course sometimes the thought of spirit can be frightening, but often the media can overhype things and will focus on the drama of bad stuff, but that has not been my experience. All I can say to you is the spirit world I experience is full of love, fun and laughter, it doesn't scare me one tiny bit .. the living world on the others hand has scared me many times!

However at the time same time, it can feel frightening when we don't understand it, it is the fear the unknown that makes us scared and I understand that and felt fearful through my lack of understanding in my younger years. One of my younger vivid experiences was round the age of 16 years. Although I had been always connected to the spirit world there is a long time in our young minds between being a small child to being a teenager and for me that felt a million years before. I used to sense the spirit world on a night and it scared me, nothing bad ever happened of course, but I could feel their presence and I didn't understand it. One evening I awoke in the night and my late grandfather who I didn't know was stood clearly there. I awoke from my sleep and saw him and I just went back to sleep. I had dramatically always imagined at the time that I would scream if I saw anything, but it felt peaceful and I felt he was there just saying it's ok I'm around. I noticed how his tie seemed to move out with this middle and just how real he was, it was nice. Although I never saw him again quite in that way, I've felt and sensed him over the years. I know now with the power of hindsight, he was just reminding me you don't need to be scared, you never used to be when you little, look it's all fine and after that visit it settled the fear my mind had created.

These days I love it if I get a connection in the night, often I don't see the spirit world in that way during my sleep anymore, if you think about it they don't really need to get my attention as they already have it. Although it does go in phases where spirit can awaken me, but only if its important and it never scares me now, in fact it excites me! It is so magical when they come, it is always in love when it does happen and I like the wonder and magic it creates it never gets old!

When we are asleep that is a time when we are all connected to our spiritual self and a time when we dream, a time that we are open to our loves ones in spirit, a time when we can be together and visits can happen, how lovely is that! If you have ever had a vivid dream of your loves ones, when it feels so real then know that it is real! It is what we call dream communication, it is their way of gathering close to you and letting you know that precious message "I'm with you, I am still around and we love you"

During sleep state is when we can gain our most inspiration and access our own wisdom, it is a time when we connect with our own spirit and soul, the part of you that lives on after phsyical death. Sometimes it can be remembered, sometimes not so clear, but you awaken with a peaceful feel although often for me I feel tired like I have worked the nightshift.

So my message to you all is please don't be afraid, our loved ones are there to love us and to guide us and to help us, not to frighten us. Know that we all have it in us to make that connection to spirit on some level, it is only our own belief or lack of us being able to do it that will hold us back.

As you go to sleep tonight send out a little wish or thought and see what happens, when I think of the spirit world and night time, it reminds me of that song dream a little dream of me -by Mama Cass, it always makes me feel warm and twinkly and magical.

So please know as we all get ready to sleep, this is a time when we can all come together, a time when we can be with our loved ones and in our dreamy world we can once again reconnect to where we call home.

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